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More Than Once, This Little Boy Have To Struggle Yet More. Just For the Mere Reason, That His Dad And Mom Didn't Take Responsibility For Their Child.

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chapter 1 The Weekend

Weekend. this friday، I'm going to see my grandson. the only grandson I have.

He is five years old now, and I'm waiting just to see him, running off from his dad's car to my house, while saying-


Oh then, he came, just on time.

"Darling, are we ready to welcome our beautiful grandson?"

"Yes honey, everything's ready"

Hearing my wife says that, I did open the door for my grandson, who did run inside, undone his shoes, and hugged me tightly.

"Grandpa grandpa, you are not going to believe what did I encounter while coming here!"

"Haha, we will hear it over lunch. now, go and greet your grandma"

Seeing him running, made my heart light up. when I turned my gaze to the father, who is supposed to be my son, my heart got heavy, and I felt like something is making the entire house gloomy.

"Sorry dad, I have so much business need to be done. bye"

"Bye son"

With that، my son turned around. leaving me to stare at his back. I didn't raise him to be this gloomy. or at last I think I didn't.

I just hope of two things, one: that he comes out of this gloomy place. two: that I'm not the problem for him to be like this.

After seeing him hopping inside his car, only then did I notice the small figure on my leg, hugging it like it's the last time.

As I did look down at him, the little cute one did look at me in the eyes, smiled with brightness coming from his face. I can't get enough of this child.

"Grandpa grandpa, lets go eat lunch. this story is going to make you laugh"

"Haha. yes, as you wish. little one"

As I closed the door, his small hands leaved my leg, and runned to the dinning room.

I, with my stick, followed him at top of my speed. really, I did grow up to be such a slow person.

"No honey, why don't you slow down?. you are really fast!"

"Why just a heavy joke?"

"Hahaha. c'mon, don't be so emotional. this old hag is just joking with you"

"Hahaha. grandma is good at jokes"

"Don't tease your own grandpa child. I'm the only one who can tease him"

While sitting on my seat near the table, I did comment on my wife is protection,

"What a good backup, darling"

Seeing her laugh did make my day yet again. how many years did I spend with this woman?.

She was a pink rose the moment I did ask for her hand, even though we didn't know each other before hand. we still wanted to know each other the more time we spend talking.

"Grandpa grandpa. people outside were gathered on weird thingy near the gas station, why?"

"Maybe they were arguing on something, dear"

said I, while bringing the spoon to my mouth, eating lunch.

"Their voices was everything I heard. but I didn't know what was going on"

"Better not to know sweetie. like your grandpa said, they were arguing on something just the adults know about"

"I mean, why the bad mouth?"

This boy, he did know so much about the world on early years. if I can just prevint everything his mother did to him.

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