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Beatrice is a normal girl living in East Manhattan. When a monster rampages the city, she slowly begins seeing she has a connection with it, leading her down a path with more questions than answers.

Horror Literatura monstro Para maiores de 18 apenas. © Sammy Alle & Bad Robot Productions

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If there was any place I would rather be, it's here, in Manhattan. I am proud to be a New Yorker and I proudly share that with my many followers I have on Social Media. I met tons of cool people, including those who do what I do, vlogs about the city life and what it has to offer. I walked down the hallway toward my class and sat down at my desk, looking out the window watching cars drive by. The teacher and the rest of the students walked in as the bell rang, motioning students to get to their morning classes. The day seemed to drag on longer than previously thought. The teacher announced that we had a project before finals, and that we were to get an A+ before graduation. I almost jumped out of my seat hearing the word "Graduation". My parents had been saving up money for my science degree. They want nothing but the best for me and approved of my decision when I told them.

Walking out of class toward my locker, my friends came by, chatted about the usual "who is hotter than who" and "Who kisses who". We ditched the rest of our classes to study, another reason I am glad that science is in the morning of my schedule and not in the afternoon. After studies, we went to our favorite Pizza place and got pizza. I texted Phil to let him know I was planning a post-graduation video and to come by tomorrow at 8 am. I promised him breakfast, which made him a lot happier to come by early, as he wasn't a morning bird.

As we parted, and I headed back home, I walked into our apartment seeing suitcases. I had forgotten my parents were going away on a long business trip to Vancouver. They were leaving in an hour, so I made sure to say my goodbyes before locking myself away in my bedroom for the rest of the day. They gave me the run down of everything, left money on the counter as usual for groceries, and the keys for the mail. I kissed them goodbye, and they left in dad's shiny Mercedes-Benz off to the airport. As I studied for about 5 hours, thought about blasting some music to get my mind off of the study buzz. However, as soon as my favorite song came on, the power went out.

Confused, I tried to piece together what might have happened for it to happen. As soon as I flipped the switch down and proceeded to flip it back up, the power came back on. I flipped the switch to the kitchen, lighting it up again. I called Phil to let him know about what happened, which also happened on his end. He had been watching his dumb Star Trek movies, till the power went out on his entire street. I told him to get over here, asap, before I hung up. I climbed up the flights of stairs to the roof to see if anything look odd or out of the ordinary before a huge explosion stole my concentration, forcing me to flee back into the apartment. I heard debris fly into my complex, making me clutch onto the railing of the stairs, before all went silent. I raced back down to my unit and saw Phil jogging over covered in dust.

"Jesus Christ, Phil. What the fuck happened."

I said worriedly. He tried catching his breath, but he couldn't speak. I brought him in and washed him off before he explained what happened. Before he could make it to my complex, the explosion shook him and sent him fleeing into the subway station that's just meters from his building. after all settled, he caught a glimpse of something on his video camera. I asked what it was, but he couldn't answer. I took the camera and hooked it to my laptop.

The footage was grainy, but I could see what was a large creature in the smoke. Curious, I tried enhancing the footage, however, nothing could be done, as the creature's features were still unknown no matter how much enhancing I did. Phil walked into my room, trying to explain that it might be an alien invasion.

"Oh, fuck off with that Independence Day bullshit."

I snapped. He sat down on my bed and sighed.

"Whatever it is, It might be heading our way."

Phil said, his eyes full of fear.

"Phil, relax. I'm sure this is all just a movie set, and they're making it super realistic."

Phil shook his head. and replayed the footage. The creature made this sound that was awfully real. Phil truly thought the Apocalypse had come, but I thought it was all bullshit.

"You're an over-anxious prick, that's what you are."

I snapped again, before unplugging the video camera and handing it to him.

"We are going out there to get closer, maybe we're all over reacting."

I said, grabbing my cardigan and putting my boots on. Phil seems anxious, but agreed. We walked out of the building and saw people running down the road. I thought it was all a hoax for something super realistic. But when we heard that roar from the creature, I knew this wasn't a move set-

It was real.

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