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After the defeat of Bertha and Drago, the Valerix must step forward into the untold stories of the three past guardians, and find deeper meaning in their places as Guardian.

Fantasia Fantasia histórica Para maiores de 18 apenas.

#mystery #romance #magic #adventure #discovery #action #origin #httyd #howtotrainyourdragon #ruffnutthorston
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Hey guys, Thought I would post on here saying that the chapters are coming soon. There will also be a recap for those new to the book series.

See you guys in January. Noe back to the Mission: Willfred Universe.

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Sammy Alle Hi :D I'm Sammy Alle. The Creator of Valerix. I have been an artist for a LONG time and has expended ALOT over the years. I'm so happy to be on this platform. <3

Read my Book here:

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