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This is a short story about one man's desire to change the events from his life only to discover the past and future didn't matter.

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The Time Travelers Dilemma

Rick was a middle-aged man who collapsed and was immediately taken to Saint Mary’s Hospital in Saginaw, Michigan during the month of November 2020. This all occurred prior to any of the vaccines during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. He had caught the virus from work there was no denying it now, it was progressively getting worse, and he was getting closer to death by the day. Pneumonia was the biggest problem, it covered his lungs, his oxygen level declined to an all time low of below 70 percent, and he was having a very difficult time breathing. He was also experiencing both auditory and visual hallucinations, and recently started coughing up a lot of blood. He tested positive for COVID-19 and the medical professionals just informed his wife that he was probably not going to make it.

After a very brief visit to the emergency room, he was immediately transferred to the Covid unit on one of the floors of the hospital where he would remain until he recovered or succumbed to the disease. During his time there he drifted in and out of consciousness and at times lost touch with reality and was visited by deceased relatives and people he had known from his past which confused him making it hard to discern where he was, what year it was, and how he came to be in this place and time.

The room where he was staying was a highly cleaned white, very bright and well lit. It was stripped down inside to the bare essentials, and sealed around with clear plastic barriers of some kind as if he was in some type of gold fish bowl. The only difference being that at times people came into his bowl but never made any real direct contact. They wore hazmat suits which caused them to resemble deep sea divers or astronauts from the late 1960s.

To make matters worse, the hospital allowed absolutely no visitors for fear of contamination or carrying the pandemic to other parts of the building. Since Rick’s condition was steadily getting worse, the hospital had recently contacted his wife to inform her that she should have a priest come in and give him last rights. It seemed to Rick that everyone gave up hope and even he himself started worrying about when his last day would come. He thought a lot about his past life, people he had known that were once important to him and the things he was unable to accomplish. He felt remorse and an overpowering sadness about many events from his life and how they unfolded, roads he abandoned or lacked the spiritual strength to pursue, and the revolving wheel of fate that influenced his choices that brought him to the twilight zone.

Just then he heard some movement from behind the curtain that divided the room in half and for the first time realized he was not in the room alone. The other man identified himself as Siddhasswarupananda which seemed familiar to Rick as if from a life long ago. A life he hadn't thought about for years and realized the man must be delusional because he called him by another name from behind his curtain. “Krishna Das, can I share something with you that you will want to hear and find very valuable?”

Although not the man Siddhasswarupananda was looking for Rick still responded “Sure, go ahead I have nothing better to do.” Then went on to ask, “What is your story about and what is your primary goal here and what story do you intend to tell me?"

Siddhasswarupananda answered, “My primary goal is to change the events from the past that brought your consciousness to this dark place, understand how your choices impacted your life, reality, and that of others, and reduce any ripple effects caused by a potentially new set of choices.”

“It’s a story about the eternal soul, fate, our true relationship with God, and the choices we make as we stumble through life. This is process known as Karma and it binds the soul to the cycle of life and death. There is however a spiritual device, a set of mystical beads (the man tossed him a set from around the curtain) that can free the soul from this cycle, transcend time and space allow the individual soul to develop a deeper personal relationship with the Supreme Soul. By simply focusing our activities on him, practicing devotional service, hearing about God from the revealed scriptures and guru, and chanting God’s Holy names one can be saved and return back to the Godhead.

Rick then answered still staring up at the ceiling, “Everyone always talks about Karma, reincarnation, heaven and hell, and even good and evil. It means nothing, it’s really just a fable or an undefined set of spiritual nonsense that has no bearing in reality.”

Siddhasswarupananda went on to speak as follows to Krishna Das, “Karma is very real and shapes our destiny. At some point in time you made a choice between opposites, good or evil. whichever choice you made likely skewed your future choices towards a positive or negative polarity. Once one’s polarity has been set in one direction or the other it becomes harder to change one’s course and we collect the karma associated with our actions which needs to be burnt off in this life or the next.”

Krishna Das (or was it Rick) then thoughtfully asked, “How do we escape the effects of Karma?”

Siddhasswarupananda replied, “In this life seldom do, Karma direct consequences of our actions convict us and in the next life through movement either up or down the various forms of life. You see Karma either elevates or leads to the degradation of our consciousness. However, it can be burned away at the point of death by simply remembering the name of God, his activities in the scriptures, and remembering one of his various incarnations because all are the same in quality, quantity and power.”

Rick in bewilderment of the answer questions further, “How is that even possible?”

Siddhasswarupananda answered, “God has three main attributes which I will explain and how they relate to you:

“First, God is Omnipotent which refers to him being all powerful. He is the all powerful and able to do all that is intrinsically possible and not to do the things that are intrinsically impossible. There is no limit to his power and he created all the heavens, earth and all that is in them. Our universe is vast but it's not alone. There are a multitude of other universes beyond our own where combinations of the same particles of physical matter exists out into the realms of infinity or a much larger multiverse that potentially has some identical copies of ourselves in the same or different circumstances."

"Krishna Das, you have been reconditioned to see the world linear as if reading a book from beginning to end. However, sacred scriptures reveal to us that the universe is not linear but rather cyclic created by the cosmic brahma through a collision of what is now called branes or a point particle extended into multiple dimensions after an explosion. The cyclic nature of creation exists within the contexts of four epochs or yugas, then an implosion from which new universes are born from the ashes of the old ones.”

“The scriptures also tell us that the multiverse is Indra’s net made of a string of pearls at each vertex and stretching out in multiple dimensions or all of reality being represented as a cosmic matrix from which eternity flows. Each pearl on every vertex reflecting the others, with one common life source of energy flowing though all reality. There is also universes within universes as told in the Bhagavata Purana where Krishna was caught eating dirt as a child and when his mother looked into his mouth saw the entire universe.”

“Second, God has omnipresence David says in Psalm 139, “If I go up to the heavens, you are there; If I make my bed in the depths, you are there.” God is present in every single atom within each and every universe transcending both time and space in a continuous present state. The Vedas tell us that we are his Atma or individual souls, created by him and a part and parcel of the Supreme being. The Paramatma is the individual souls combined with all the physical, material and spiritual energies. The collective unconsciousness or super soul of all things. Since time is circular both past and future cannot be existent for eternal beings they can only act as change agents for a static state.”

“Third, God is omniscient or has complete knowledge of what you interpret as past, present, future. He knows the choices each individual soul or atma makes and how it fits in to the plan of the Paramatma like a puzzle. This would not be possible with a linear view of reality. Many question the presence of freewill in the equation but it has no significance since we are all the same Supreme being whether we maintain our individuality or not.”

Krishna Das clutched the beads, thought about all his mistakes in the world and the multiverse that implied that our universe is not alone. Rather in consisted of many existing parallel universes loosly connected to each other as if by stings. He understood there were mathematic, scientific, and spiritual constants. That somewhere there must be copies of himself, in other universes doing the same things he was now, other copies where he made different choices, and within those universes must be one where corrected the errors he had made in this one. That thought eased his mind and he went back to thinking about Krishna.

All of a sudden, a bunch of alarms started going off in the room and Rick (Krishna Das) started wondering if his friend in the room had died. A team of doctors and nurses rushed in pulled back the curtain and Rick realized he was alone and floating somewhere above the disturbance below. One doctor could be heard saying “We lost him he is gone."A nurse looking at the beads said, "Where did he get those?" They reviewed the tapes and saw the beads being thrown from the other side of the curtain but there was never anyone else in the room! It didn't matter to Krishna Das if he or anyone else traveled through time, he had already given up all his worldly attachments and finally returned home back to Godhead.

Every moment is a gateway into our past or future all we have to do is walk through. Being able to travel through circular time is a gift that allows us to learn from our perceptions of the past, dream of our future, and make changes to the prese. -Richard E James Ed. D, Ph. D

There are innumerable universes besides this one, and although they are unlimitedly large, they move about like atoms in you. Therefore, you are called limitless. Bhagavata Purana 6. 16. 37

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Richard E James Ed. D, Ph. D Greetings, I am a seminary graduate, Ph. D Psychologist and Doctorate of philosophy. I enjoy studying world religions, travel and the search for life’s meaning. I personally believe that truth does not lie in what the world tells us to believe but rather in what it shows us through our experiences.

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