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This is a short tale where I discuss my ideas and ask questions about the dreams we experience while sleeping .

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Do we need dreams ?

Sleeping heals our tired minds and opens our gates into the world of dreams.

Dreams are the perfect illusions that we live far from our ordinary life inside the ordinary Euclidean Space. We live our Dreams and strangely believe even the impossible events, because we forget about the rules of logics, like if we undergo our dreams. Many civilisations believe that our dreams are made for us by other entities and inform us about our future. However, many Doctors say that they are made by our own sleeping brains and that they are meaningless. Who is right ?

Many people believe in premonitions as dreams. However, sometimes we dream of important people and even of dead religious personalities who we can never meet in our daily lives. Hence, are our dreams manipulating dangerously our lives when we wait for them to happen in reality or when we try to undrastand their symbols and meanings?

The believers know the story of the prophet "Joseph" son of "Jacob" who was able to explain dreams correctly and understand the future through them. However, do all people have these abilities and knowledge?

We are obviously obliged to accept all our dreams but should we like our dreams or hate them? Do we really need Dreams?

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Akram Louiz Born in September 1990 in Morocco, Akram Louiz is a first class engineer lieutenant in the merchant navy. He is also a novelist, a poet and a scientific researcher. Akram Louiz is a great lover of contemporary philosophy and psychology.

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