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In the fabled world of Kelegorn, three magical kingdoms existed in harmony, with secret guardians watching over the human realm to protect it from harm. However, when one of these realms succumbs to the lure of dark magic, it sets off a chain of events that leads to the downfall of the other two kingdoms. With the balance of power tipped and two kingdoms seeking to take over Kelegorn, the last remaining realm makes a prophecy that five warriors will rise up to fight off the dark forces threatening their world. When two curious teenagers, Angel and Frankie, accidentally stumble into this mystical realm, they inadvertently disrupt the prophecy and place the fate of Kelegorn in grave danger. With the original two leaders of the five warriors now seeking revenge, Angel and Frankie must come to grips with their newfound powers and confront their first major threat.

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The Nice Wind

I confidently strode outside, knowing I would find my best friend Frankie. My distinct purple hair graced the breeze as it shifted from autumn to winter. The once nice feeling of fall to cool winter. My white uniform, unique in its color, fluttered slightly. White was the color or no-identity at Achinet High.

Gazing upward, I admired birds gliding elegantly and clouds drifting across the light blue sky. I reveled in fall and winter, even though my town was more summer-oriented, making me stand out.

As I lifted each foot, the rollers on my black high-knee Converse sneakers engaged, a feature added for convenience. The light blue wheels attracted attention, as did the Hogwarts stickers adorning them. A dedicated Harry Potter fan, I longed to be part of Ravenclaw House.

I confidently skated down the street until a car accident caught my attention. There was Frankie, capturing images of the scene like a pro, he wasn’t like other photographers who used real cameras, he used his phone. His skateboard rested next to our go-to spot, Mr. Willy's Famous Fried Chicken restaurant.

"Frankie!" I called out assertively while braking smoothly.

With a skillful tap on each shoe tip, I retracted my skate wheels before Frankie finished his photo session. Phone safely stowed in his pocket and skateboard in hand, he approached me with a steady gait.

His sun-kissed blonde hair, accented with black-dyed tips, danced in the gentle breeze. "The wind must be in high spirits today," my grandmother would often say.

"Hey, Double A," he called out, unhitching the helmet from his head.

A smile crossed my face, warmed by the sight of my friend indulging in his beloved hobby. I carried on skating, Frankie's skateboard effortlessly melding with his golden Nike shoes. The crisp and invigorating air embraced my face and weaved through my tresses—a delightful sensation. However, Frankie interrupted the idyllic moment with anxious remarks about color coordination.

"Do you have concerns about the arrangements?" he inquired while multitasking; editing a few photos captured last winter on his phone. During that time, I played the muse for his wintry theme but, since winter hurried by, he never posted them on his YouTube channel—Photographic Seasons.

"No, not really. It's just... The prospect of us being apart stirs a lingering fear that things might change between us," I replied softly.

We halted at our high school—an institution solely for grades ten to twelve—and upon entry as sophomores, resentful glances came our way. Frankie's caramel complexion radiated in the sunlight streaming through hallway windows, as our skate wheels retracted into our shoes before we continued on through the corridor.

Frankie and I arrived at our lockers, stowed our bags, and promptly gathered the necessary materials for our Ancient History class. With everything in hand, we made our way to class.

It was somewhat embarrassing that Frankie and I were the last ones to enter the Ancient History classroom.

"Alright! Before we begin, let's welcome our new tenth graders. Time for your color assignment," announced Ms. Kenny, with an enthusiastic clap of her hands.

We all proceeded to the grand hall, featuring bleachers for everyone to sit on. As everyone found their seats, the head principal took center stage.

"Hello! Future achievers. Welcome to the color sorting ceremony," he declared with pride. His booming voice resonated throughout the large room and lingered in my mind.

"We'll proceed in alphabetical order, based on the first two letters of your last name," he instructed. Afterward, he joined the other principals and Ms. Kenny resumed speaking.

"Abigail Aagus," she announced into the microphone. Abigail rose from her seat in the bottom row, exuding an air of popularity. She confidently approached the stage where several items were laid out on a table—too far for me to discern from my vantage point. Abigail mentioned that she could only read two of them, and as she pointed them out, Ms. Kenny declared, "Alice Blue!"

Abigail's excitement was palpable as she grabbed her uniform and swiftly returned to her spot. Several individuals came and went, each assigned their respective colors. Aware that my turn was not imminent, I settled in for a comfortable wait. However, no sooner had I leaned back than Ms. Kenny called out my name.

I hesitated, feeling the weight of everyone's gaze upon me.

"Angel Ariza," Ms. Kenny repeated.

Rising to my feet, I became aware of my position on the top row of bleachers. Gradually, I descended the steps onto the floor with all eyes on me – anxiety, fear, and terror coursing through me.

Upon reaching the stage, I saw a brown table covered in brief articles before me.

"Can you read any of them?" one of the principals inquired.

Surveying the papers, I could comprehend every single one. Yet one document at the back grabbed my attention.

“What's this one?" I asked, gently picking up the paper and bringing it closer to my face.

Ms. Kenny appeared taken aback as I held it up.

"It seems to be a song," I announced confidently.

Ms. Kenny's demeanor hardened; her smile vanished.

"Enough with the jokes," she sternly voiced.

I firmly responded, "I'm serious."

"Then read it aloud; only principals are permitted to do so," Mr. Regnar asserted proudly.

In a realm far removed, three kingdoms coexisted: Eashuthen Dynasty,

Ashuthage Dynasty, and Wikowyth Dynasty. Contentment reigned until...

My voice trailed off on the final word as tension mounted.

A malevolent force invaded Wikowyth, consuming its inhabitants with


Conflicts erupted between the three empires as Ashuthage remained the sole kingdom unblemished by sinister magic. In response, they raised their defenses, sealed their entrance, and severed all connections with the other realms.

A collective gasp echoed through the room as everyone stared at me, aghast. Ms. Kenny broke the silence, and my eyes widened in disbelief

"Angelica Ariza, you are..."

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