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A story about a girl who survived a plane crash.

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Crash Landing

Samantha stared out the tiny airplane window at the dense green jungle stretched as far as the eye could see below. It had been an amazing two-week family vacation in Thailand but she was ready to go home. As the single-propeller plane leveled off after taking off from Bangkok, she settled into her seat and started flipping through photos on her phone from their trip.

Suddenly, the captain's nervous voice came over the intercom. "Folks, we may have a bit of trouble here. The engine is starting to sputter and I'm seeing smoke. I'm going to try to gain some altitude and turn us around to the closer airport."

Samantha's heart dropped as the plane began to shake violently. People around her gasped and grabbed onto their seats. From upfront came urgent shouts between the co-pilot and captain. In the chaos, oxygen masks deployed with a hiss throughout the cabin.

"Brace for impact!"

Samantha locked eyes with her terrified mother across the aisle and fumbled to pull the mask over her face. Out her window, black smoke was billowing from the right wing now fully engulfed in flames. The small aircraft rolled sharply to the side as the pilots fought for control. But it was no use - they were going down.

As the treetops rushed up to meet them, Samantha caught one last fleeting glimpse of the blazing wing before it was sheered off by impact. Her body was thrown forward with sickening force as the plane crashed through the dense foliage. Metal screeched and glass shattered all around her.

And then, darkness.

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