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Bandle of Froljörow had a habit of getting himself into trouble that followed him throughout his entire life. However, when he's given a final chance by his family to prove his usefulness, he jumps at the opportunity. But what starts out as a task so easy that "even Bandle could do it" quickly devolves into madness when his simple trade job gets thrown into the fire by unexpected obstacles and a sleeping power from a bygone Age that gets disturbed during their journey. *** This completed story is part of the "Enchantyon, Enter The Arcane" anthology series (Book #1).

Fantasia Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos. © All Rights Reserved

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It is the Realm Within Realms. The Great Magical Wound. The Cradle of Humanity and the Dragons. The First to Fall. The Crown of Creation.

When Yggomni first established the world, He had plans for it and its mortals that would have them as co-rulers of all Creation. But when His chosen champion ignored His warnings and fell to the Enemy, the world came under constant threat of self-annihilation. In the heavenly kingdom of Idridelle, Yggomni grieved, for His children had been led astray and adopted by a traitorous new patron—The Malifarr—and would now share his fate of damnation.

Many calamities then fell upon the realms as the Dawning Age came to a close and gave way to a time of myth and legend. The Day of Magic reshaped the world, and many became fatally addicted to the power that magic offered. As a result, the Dragons left the world out of fear of the warmongering and foolishness of sorcerers. The Mythical Age had become marked with as many horrors and crimes as it was by its heroes and legends. Then came the Third Age. The Seelie Age. During this time, the Fae invaded and enslaved the world, and the Enchantians fought back, resulting in the death of untold thousands and the extinction of the entire Dwarven Race. Amidst all this horror and pain, Yggomni the Father sent His Son, Lorraullion, the White Faun. He sacrificed His one true Son in order to save His fallen children from their sins and to begin the end of the tyrannical reign of the Fae. Thus, He heralded the end of The Seelie Age.

Enter the Arcane Age.

In this Age, Enchantyon once again stands as a world teeming with wonder and adventure as Yggomni’s Living Light illuminates the darkest corners of all the realms from the very hearts of the mortals He saves. But this age is not without its perils. The Malifarr’s revenge against Yggomni has taken on a host of new forms, as well as reviving some old ones.

One place where this conflict is most evident is on the troubled Continent of Tesardess.

In the Northern region of Tesardess, the peoples of the Jördlands fight raiders and forgotten powers, Elves flee persecution, and all endure the cold tundra. In the continent's heart, The Free Border Dominions of Tesardess fight their own daily battles: they fight amongst themselves, against the last hosts of the Wolfplague, and the monstrous beasts and heathen tribes of the Greater Wilderness. They also must contend with the agents and champions of the Dark Province to the West and of the Eastern nation of Goblinstine across the Green Channel. And on the Southern end of Tesardess, there is an ancient threat stirring in the ruins of ancient Zano, the Forbidden Island of Sleepwalkers. For this reason, The Emperor of Octavia has gathered his best centurions and adventurers to uncover the island's secrets.

As heroes rise and fall in this tumultuous time, it falls upon the average citizens of the realms and Yggomni’s Holy Church to rise above the fray with courage and valour. Two qualities that the Tesardessians thankfully have in abundance.


“Despair has no home within our hearts, for we were not given spirits of fear.

From our hearts, like beacons, Living Light will flood this world.

Arise, my brothers! Arise, dear sisters!

To the Enemy, beware! Your annihilation is nigh!”

—An Enchantian Creed

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