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Ah yes, Melina Aranos. When she isn't spending her Relevancy Points on shopping sprees, this 28 year old woman sleeps with any male stranger with a dominant personality. Her lifestyle choice was made worse given the fact that her father, Arnva Aranos, was upper-class and being groomed to be in charge of the artificial planet, Cinthyatar. This is the story of how Melina puts her faith in the wrong man, ultimately paying a hefty price...

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For All To See

"I'M SORRY!" Melina Aranos yelled at her father with tears pouring down her face, who looked over at his daughter extremely heartbroken.

She watched on in tears and sobbed hysterically as Arnva Aranos walked away furiously out of her room and shut her automatic bedroom door, locking it from the outside using the keypad next to it. Melina was now locked in her bedroom, never to leave the house due to her foolish decision.

The young blonde was the oldest of three siblings, the other two being Seth and Lisa Aranos. Unlike her younger sister, who was a built defensive technology to protect households as well as fellow Cinthyan citizens and her younger adopted brother, who creates advanced weaponry for law enforcement, she had no creative drive to help her technological society whatsoever, only to indulge.

Ever since her father was hand-picked by all four world leaders to be groomed for eventual takeover, everyone in the Aranos Household had become very popular, with Melina being the guy every man from rich to poor chased. Having access to the vast wealth Arnva's Relevancy Debit Card had on it, She found herself going on tons of shopping sprees while also teasing and eventually sleeping with dozens of men from all different backgrounds.

The 28 year old woman found herself becoming a spendthrift as well as sex addict, not able to control her habits at all. While Jana, Arnva's wife, as well as her mother, was the first to voice any concern, the father was too busy to deal with Melina. That was until she made a grave mistake.

On Rebmevon 26th, 0028, Melina went to an upper-class party in East Cytorae City, the wealthiest area on Cinthyatar. She dressed extremely provocatively, wearing only knee-high opaque black dress with no undergarments underneath. This was to intentionally draw the horny men who caught a peek of her nude body as the young adult woman danced aggressively on the dance floor to Rave music. It didn't take long before a middle-aged man gradually approached her from behind, grinding his pants covered crotch up against her backside while also holding onto her waist.

"GET IT, BABY!" He yelled down at Melina as she intentionally pushed her backside into his crotch, arousing him even further.

"You can get, big boy." She moaned up at him seductively.

"Gimme two more minutes of this, and we'll go upstairs for a little... fuckin'..."

Getting aroused as well, the young woman bent over, spaced out her legs and placed her hands onto the dance floor. She then proceeded to twerk on the middle-aged man, exciting him greatly before he and her went upstairs and into a vacant room for hot sex, or so she thought...

While the intercourse seemed rather normal, Melina was being secretly recorded by this man! To only make matters worse, he managed to copy and access her father's bank account from the physical card she kept in her purse when they slept that night. Upon waking up the next cycle, Melina was none the wiser when the middle-aged man was nowhere to be found. Since she has had dozens of one night stands, it appeared to her that there was nothing wrong. Yet.

The very next day, the young blonde was walking around Cytorae City when she noticed everyone looking at her with shocked expressions on their faces. While she was confused by them, it didn't seem to her like there was a problem initially. Upon getting to her destination, which the mall, however, Melina immediately stood perfectly still in utter shock when making it to the building's entrance.

On the right of her was a group of five women giggling as they watched a video on one of their smartphones. The audio was that of a woman who sounded young, moaning out in ecstasy with a high-pitched voice as a seemingly older sounding man grunted aggressively.

"OH SHIT, EDDY!" The woman said desperately on the video as she panted profusely, her moans growing louder and louder.


Melina couldn't believe it. Her blue blood went cold as those were the exact words the young woman had said to the man whom she had sex with at the city party the day before! She then immediately turned around and ran back home, thoroughly embarrassed at the fact that random strangers had access to that intimate exchange through their devices...

Upon getting home, Melina immediately ran to her bedroom door in an attempt to isolate herself and cry from the overwhelming emotions that now exist in her. However, her automatic bedroom door doesn't open for her upon stepping up to and standing still underneath the sensor above. Confused, the young woman immediately began to type in her unlock code on the keypad on the right with her corresponding hand to manually open the door. Little did she know that her father, Arnva Aranos, stood patiently behind Melina bedroom door with a look of extreme disappointment on his face.

"D-DAD!!!" She stammered out suddenly, visibly frightened by his blank stare.

"I need to tell you something..."

"You don't." Her father replied plainly while holding up his smartphone in his left hand, showing the video of her having sex.

"It's all right here. You not only is my eldest daughter being labeled an 'Internet Whore' all over the web, I went to purchase some fucking coffee and my card got declined. I found that strange, you know, since I'm extremely wealthy! When I went to check my bank account, my 'Relevancy Score' was IN! THE FUCKING! NEGATIVE!!!"

Melina began to cry as her father punched the metal wall twice with his right hand, very upset with her.

"DADDY, I'M SORRY!" She said to her as tears and mucus saturated the front of her face, causing him to pull her into her bedroom and throw her onto her bed.


"I'll never hate you, silly girl. But you did destroy my faith in you. My bank account is marked as 'Irrelevant' thanks to your stupid decision to literally fuck around. So, I came up with a solution. I signed that now poverty-stricken bank account under your name and your newly made account, which was your birthday gift tomorrow, by the way, under mine. You can't make purchases anymore. Not without me, your mom, brother, or sister being there to do it. You done fucked up, Meli..." he lengthily states to his daughter.

After hearing this, Melina slammed her face into her pillow and screamed violently into it. Arvna watched on with a depressed look on his face as his daughter thrashed her arms and legs around on the queen sized bed like a raging toddler.

"Jan was right." he thought to himself while turning and beginning to walk out of her bedroom.

"I should've acted sooner."

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