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Murder at 1600 Cherry Tree Lane

It was an old abandoned path on Cherry Tree Lane at 1600, stood a house that was broken down and people investigated it and every time somebody went in they never came out alive. So on to the story there was Mrs mustard she was the Talk of the Town, Mrs Meriwether, she was a goody goody always into somebody's business everything but her own business always investigating but she didn't know that the place she was investigating had a murder mystery behind it. And then there was Mr Pringle he wanted to know everything and see everything and investigate everything, just like Mrs Merriweather, but little did they know inside the house they were investigating once lived a family that was killed, buy an ax so Mrs Merriweather and Mr Pringle thought they knew everything about the house, and they thought they would stay overnight, little do they know the house had more plans for them. You should never stay in a house that you know nothing about. Especially if it's a house that had a murder along the way with it. This Story is purely fictional and written by me Sarah Adams I hope you like it.

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Sarah Adams Hi my name is Sarah I'm 47 years old i have a disability I love writing for me writting is very expressive it says how you feel just in a few short words & it says the journey one's been through & it can be very self expressive to people who are reading so I hope you enjoy my stories! ❤🦋⭐

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