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When the heart hurts. When everything brings tears. When you are broken and in sorrow, I welcome you to Nobody's House of Broken Love.

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Only in Dreams

I miss her so bad,

no longer together,

it was supposed to be forever.

A broken heart,

they say,

a brand new start.

I don't want to,

don't want to be apart.

I miss her smile.

I miss her eyes,

that can bring me

to my knees.

Now I dream,

about this loved lost.

I don't want to wake,

I just want to stay asleep,

I would pay any cost.

If I could, I would

never to wake up.

Stay in her arms

until my life is up.

Do not wake me.

Do not wake me.

When I sleep she is there,

next to me,

In my dreams

it is she I can see.

Feel her touch on my skin,

feel her lips upon mine.

When morning comes

I have to get up,

face another day

of wasted time.

Can't wait for this day to end,

when I can go back to sleep,

and there in my dreams

is my love, my heart

the one I truly want.

She has passed from this life,

she's up in heaven with no more strife.

I talk to her, but no one is there.

I remember the beach

and the waters she needed.

That is the day when I realized

she would soon be leaving.

Yet, I can still see her in my dreams.

I hate waking up,

nothing else matters to me.

She is no longer around

I'm alone and missing her.

I am sure

there will not be another.

When you've had an angel,

no one else is worth the bother.

I tell you something of

this House of Broken Love.

It sucks!



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