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106th Victim


Dark night, big waves and sailing at the sea, where you can’t see any island everywhere. I heard Samantha’s crying because she’s afraid of the dark. Everywhere is not visible, it was covered with a thick fog. I’m now starting to loose hope because we are lost when suddenly I saw a light from not far away. I immediately get the paddles and paddle it to follow the light when Samantha stops crying.

“W-where are we going?” Samantha asked while still sobbing and wiping her tears.

“We are at the sea right?” I asked while still paddling. She only give me a nod.

“Look, there’s a light. It means, we are going to the lighthouse,” I said and looked at her with a smile on my face.

It took 30 minutes to reach the lighthouse, luckily we still have some foods,water,clothes and flashlight. I looked at my wrist watch and it’s now 12 o’clock in the morning. When we arrived at the place, I immediately tie the boat and climb at the old bricks of the lighthouse.

I tied the other end of the rope to the railings of the lighthouse. While I’m doing my thing, I feel that there is someone walked behind me. I took at my back but I didn’t saw anyone. I just tie the rope as fast as I can because Samantha is calling me.

“Ashleigh, don’t you feel that this lighthouse is creepy?” Samantha asked while carrying her bag. Samantha was right, the lighthouse is so old and covered of green algaes but still operating. I also noticed that the waves of the water are now calm.

“Samantha let’s go. You’re just scarying yourself,” I said to convince her.

We climbed up the wall with the help of the rope that I tied earlier. When we arrived at the top, we are shocked when there’s someone standing in front of us.

“Welcome to our beautiful lighthouse, travellers,” the old man said to greet us.

“H-hello sir, I am Ashleigh and this is Samantha. We are lost that’s why when we saw the light, we immediately went here,” I said while looking at the top of the lighthouse. My eyes enlarge when I saw a woman looking on us. She has a measy hair and her eyes are red. I just removed my gaze on her and look back at the old man.

“Let’s go inside?” the old man asked and we nod at him.

When we went inside,it’s smells awful and all stairs are covered of spider webs. I looked around there I saw the best spot to rest. I looked at the old man and asked his name.

“I’m Angel, travellers. Please feel safe in this place. I’ll go upstairs now,” he said and went upstairs.

Even the place smells awful, we still need to eat that’s why we bring out our food and eat. After we eat, I told Samantha to take rest first and I will guard around. When I walked around, I saw uncle Angel comes from the second floor. He saw me and went down.

“Your friend is sleeping, why don’t you too?” he asked.

“I just want to walk around. Can I go upstairs? I want to go at the top,” I said as I looked up.

“Don’t go there,” he said and walked away.What does he mean?

Hours passed by and Samantha finally have been awake.We switched our role so I went to sleep and she guard around. I was still sleeping when I heard someone’s screaming..When I opened my eyes,I saw Samantha running down stairs.As she goes down,I saw the woman chasing her.

“Samantha, run as fast as you can!” I shouted.

When I shouted,the door from the second floor opened. There I saw uncle Angel fee doesn’t have any emotions and when Samantha is closer to him she pushed Samantha and she fell to the ground.

I was shocked at the moment that I only saw my bestfriend’s body taking a bath on her own blood.

I heard the woman and uncle Angel laughing on us.

“I told you,don’t go there,” uncle Angel said.

I take my bag and run outside. I cut the rope and jump on the boat. The calm waves become wild but I need to go away from this lighthouse that’s why I take the paddles and paddle as fast as I can.I only heard them that they are laughing.

Many days passed and I can still remember the image of Samantha’s body at the lighthouse. I am now out of stock in foods when I saw a big ship clming towards to me. I only shouted for help when there’s someone saw me. I feel relieved because I’m now safe.

When I arrived at the ship, I saw some people who looks like they have been in a traumatic experience like me. The officer of the ship noticed me that’s why he speak.

“They are came from the haunted lighthouse. All of their commrades die and only one of them left.If you are came from that place also, you are our 106th person that we rescue,” the officer said and this made me look to him.

“Do you mean, that hunted?” I asked while stull remembering the image of the lighthouse.

“Yes,it is.But we are also happy because you are safe. I will leave now,” the officer said and walked away.I only sit at the floor and trying to make myself calm. I’m lucky and also unlucky.

Hours passed by and I noticed that there are some newspaper at the table,so I stand up and took one.

The only one that makes me interested is the news about the lighthouse.

‘Don’t Go There:Haunted Lighthouse’

‘Old man and creepy woman have been seen when the group of some paranormal experts enter it.But sad to say,only one have been survived.’

These are the words that I read in the news.I only look up the sky and smiled.

“Rest in Peace,Samantha,”I said and cried.

Third Point of View

Angel carried the bloody dead body of Samantha and take it to the rooftop. When Angel reached the rooftop,many dead bodies are all lined up on the floor.Angel put down the body of Samantha at the corner and say some enchanting words.

“My Queen,you will have now an army that’s stronger than human!And this body of Samantha will be your permanent body,you will never be a ghost anymore!”Angel shouted as he talked to the woman with a messy hair and red eyes.

“Oh yes, Angel.I’m back.”

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