Lynette Joy

A girl that was experimented on now has to come to terms with her new reality and decide if she will change for better or for worse.

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The girl bound in a chair slowly began to wake up. She tried to struggle against the ropes that held her but that only resulted in chafed wrists. Fear and desperation took away her reasoning and she began to scream. A door that had been hidden opened and a man in a white lab coat walked through.

"Ah, you're finally awake my dear. How do you feel?" The man asked. The girl continued to scream.

"Oh. That won't do, " muttered the man. He pulled a needle out of his pocket and held it next to the girl's neck and she stopped screaming out of fear that it would prick her.

"That's better. Now, tell me how you're feeling. Powerful? Energetic? Woozy? Dizzy? Normal, perhaps? No lying either. I have a life detector." The man expected an immediate response but the girl just stared at him. So he stared back. Slowly his patience ran out.

"ANSWER ME!!!" He raged in her face. The girl whimpered and drew back.

"I- I'm feelin- ing tingly." The girl shakily responded. The man humphed and turned around and walked right back to the door. He was only gone a minute before he returned with a clear cup. The liquid inside was a midnight blue and it was fizzing profusely that some even fell over the rim and onto the floor where it sizzled for a bit then evaporated.

"Drink this. It will make you feel better." The girl just stared at him. He sighed.

"Fine. You can die." He started to turn away but heard a weak voice cry out, "No! Give it to me. I- I'll drink it." He put the cup to her lips and tilted it at a slight angle. He smiled as she started to choke on the burning liquid. Seconds later the girl went limp. As she finished pouring the last drops into her mouth the man said, "Dear girl, your nightmare is just beginning." These were the man's last words as light exploded from the girl.

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