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This is a description of my thoughts about love, couples and marriage in the society. I will wait for your comments and reactions.

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The marriage and love in society

Women: are they human beings or other species?

This species makes the toughest men weak. This species makes the wisest men stupid. The worst part is that this effect appeals to men.The weakness of women is strangely pleasing to men.

This lovely species remains strangely a child. It is a species that influences this world in secret. Women are our only fatal enemy whom we blindly trust, the only beautiful enemy we love. This phenomenon will never change until the end of our existence on Earth!

Love is the establishment of an institute with two founding members: a man and a woman who respect and appreciate each other.

Among the most primordial clauses of love are loyalty and fidelity. I am not talking about sexual fidelity but rather mutual fidelity against any threat from society and the environment in general.

Love imposes also the agreement and the continuous consent of the two founding members to any plan and any decision concerning the society.

With marriage, each loving couple establishes a new clan whose goal is to ennoble and strengthen itself at all costs by winning the race of social competitiveness. It is therefore legitimate for each man and each woman to choose the partner who will lead the new clan to victory.

This clan strengthen and enlarges itself also with newborns who are a product of the sexual reproduction between the two founding members. This is the classical definition of natural marriage of humans.

Adopting children is also possible when making newborns by the founding couple is impossible, but many people discuss nowadays many new scientific possibilities such as the phenomenon of Parthenogenesis for humans. It is a form of asexual reproduction in which growth and development of embryos occur without fertilization by sperm.

This operation could be made against the ethics in Laboratories but nobody knows if the results were acceptable or not. However , let's ask a religious question:

What do you think of the case of Saint Marry? Was the birth of her Saint Child because of a Human Parthenogenesis?

The believers respect the story of Saint Marry as a saint woman and know that God can make divine mutations and miracles for humans without any warnings such as a human parthenogenesis!!!

Are you planning to start your own clans?

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Akram Louiz Born in September 1990 in Morocco, Akram Louiz is a first class engineer lieutenant in the merchant navy. He is also a novelist, a poet and a scientific researcher. Akram Louiz is a great lover of contemporary philosophy and psychology.

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