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"July 18" is a chilling microfiction series that unfolds a nightmarish tale of survival and terror. The story begins with the protagonist waking up from a wild night and gradually descends into a dark and mysterious world. The series follows the protagonist's journey on a treacherous island filled with deadly creatures and enigmatic challenges. As the narrative progresses, the protagonist forms a bond with a girl who shares his fate, and together they face unimaginable horrors while seeking a way to escape. The story explores themes of fear, sacrifice, and the blurred lines between dreams and reality. Brace yourself for a gripping and spine-tingling journey through the depths of terror.

Suspense/Mistério Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos. © (CC) Attribution-ShareAlike

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Fragments of a Wild Night

"Hendry!....Hendry!!!.. Wake up already! It's over 11 A.M.!", said an old lady.

"WHAT? IT'S ALREADY 11?" I shouted.

"Get ready for your Breakfast, sweetheart. It's your favourite samosas made with love by your mom!" My mother said in the most calm way possible. However, i knew she was holding back her rage.

Yesterday's night, I went out with my friends, and man, I can't quite remember the exact time I stumbled home. Was it 3? Or maybe 2? Heck, I'm starting to think it could've even been 4! But who cares about the stupid clock, right? What really matters is that me and the boys had the absolute best night out ever! We kicked things off at the arcade, then headed over to this sick Korean music concert called 'DKG Nights.' The vibes were off the charts, let me tell you! The beats, the energy, it was like being transported to another dimension. After the concert, we weren't ready to call it a night just yet, so we hit up this buzzing bar. Shots were flying left and right, and things started to get a bit blurry from there on. And here's the crazy part—I wake up in my bed, with zero recollection of how the heck I got there! It's like my memory just decided to take a spontaneous vacation. But hey, that's the beauty of a wild night, right? Sometimes it's better to savor the fragments of unforgettable moments rather than worrying about the precise timeline.

As I sat up in bed, trying to shake off the remnants of a foggy night, the scent of freshly cooked samosas wafted through the air, intermingling with the rays of morning sunlight that streamed in through my bedroom window. My mother, ever patient and understanding, stood by my side, her eyes filled with a mixture of concern and love.

Her voice, gentle yet firm, urged me to rise and partake in a breakfast that held a special place in my heart. The samosas, those delectable treats, were a culinary masterpiece crafted by my mother's hands. They were the embodiment of her affection, the embodiment of home.

As I stumbled towards the dining table, still grappling with the hazy memories of the previous night, I couldn't help but appreciate the tranquility that radiated from my mother's presence. Her ability to contain her anger, to envelop me in an atmosphere of unwavering care, was a testament to the depth of her love.

While I devoured the warm, savory samosas, their flavors dancing upon my taste buds, I pondered the wild escapade that had unfolded. It was a night etched with fleeting glimpses, an enigmatic puzzle of fragmented recollections. I had embarked on a journey with my comrades, venturing into a realm of pulsating lights and thumping rhythms.

The arcade had ignited the evening, where we lost ourselves in a symphony of electronic games, laughter echoing amidst the bleeps and bloops. From there, our spirits carried us to 'DKG Nights,' a Korean music extravaganza that transported us to a realm beyond the ordinary. The stage pulsated with energy, the beats reverberating through our souls, as we surrendered ourselves to the captivating melodies and electrifying performances.

But the night's embrace did not release us so easily. With a thirst for more adventure, we sought solace in the embrace of a vibrant bar. Shots of liberation flowed, intertwining with laughter, as the hours slipped through our grasp. The boundaries of time became blurred, my memory consumed by a darkened void.

And yet, as I reflected upon those disarrayed moments, I couldn't help but acknowledge the allure of the unknown, the enchantment of an evening where time seemed to lose its significance. For within the chaos lay a tapestry of emotions, a tapestry woven with fragments of joy, camaraderie, and unforgettable encounters.

My mother's serene presence reminded me that life is a delicate balance, an intricate dance between responsibility and exhilaration. It was true, the clock's hands had swept past the morning hour, but the experiences etched within me were worth every lost minute.

So, as I savored the last remnants of my beloved samosas, I vowed to cherish the fragments of that wild night, forever grateful for the memories that slipped through the veil of time. For sometimes, it is in the mysteries of the past that we find the essence of our own existence, and it is in the arms of a loving mother that we discover solace and understanding.

With each bite of the remaining samosa, the flavors mingled with my contemplations, evoking a sense of bittersweet nostalgia. The night had faded into wisps of recollections, yet its essence lingered within me, whispering of unspoken tales and lessons learned.

As I thanked my mother for the delectable meal, her eyes sparkled with a twinkle of relief. She knew that life, with all its complexities and indulgences, had a way of shaping us into individuals with stories to tell. Though her worry had loomed like a shadow in the morning light, her love had prevailed, embracing my flawed existence with open arms.

With newfound resolve, I stood from the table, the chair scraping against the floor as a metaphorical punctuation mark to the morning's reflection. The wild night had left its mark, not just in the form of a foggy memory but also in the deeper recesses of my being. It had taught me that life's experiences were not confined to a linear narrative but rather an amalgamation of fragmented episodes, each contributing to the tapestry of who we are.

Leaving the remnants of breakfast behind, I embarked on the day with a renewed appreciation for the ebb and flow of life. The sun bathed the world in golden hues as I stepped outside, the gentle breeze whispering promises of new adventures. The memories of the wild night would forever be imprinted on my soul, woven into the fabric of my existence, reminding me of the vibrant tapestry of life that unfolded beyond the confines of the ticking clock.

With gratitude in my heart and a glimmer of mischief in my eyes, I set forth, ready to embrace the challenges that await today, to relish in the fragments of unforgettable moments, and to honor the love and understanding that emanated from the embrace of a mother's unwavering care. For it is through the dance between chaos and tranquility that we find our true selves and discover the beauty of a life well-lived.

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