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This is a compilation of stories, tales and little bits about the assassin known as the Scarlet Blade, and her working for Destiny & Fate to ensure Neveryll's continuance.

Fantasia Fantasia negra Para maiores de 18 apenas.

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Dream or not?


(B.D) era

Bodies intertwined, sweating, panting, lusting. Hearts beating like thunderclaps as eager, yet gentle, fingers caressed and enticed each others wetness.

Snowy white flesh, becoming one with sun tanned flesh uniting in salacious ecstasy. Emerald green eyes and frost blue eyes unabated in each others passions and desires.

Fingers deep in each others sticky, slippery wetness, their tongues thrusting into each others orifice. Hungry lips buried deeply onto smooth, hairless, womanly flesh.

Each others ecstasy building as orgasm after orgasm tore through their bodies. Some were slow and overwhelming, others were quick, rapid releases that tore ones breath away.

Insanity and ecstasy. Sorceress and assassin. Both libido's as well as each others wills were fighting and contesting with the others sexual prowess and perseverance. Each woman seeking sexual domination over the other.

Both women were on the verge of total exhaustion, neither willing to admit defeat, or submit to the other.

Legs parting, revealing a glistening wetness... a paradise, an eager, pink tongue exploring inside. A prolonged lick, a swirling of the tongue, awaiting more...

... then, a white-hot, steel blade is thrust inside of her wetness, eager like a youthful, inexperienced lover.

Thandara shrieked out in agony. She screamed and screamed, begging and pleading for it to stop, for it to end.

"Please... stop, please..."

That should have killed her, would have killed her, in less than a single heartbeats time. Or, at the very least, the immense pain would have blasted her consciousness into black oblivion.

It did not, for she was magically forced to be completely aware.

Thandara heard, she saw, she felt all of it. All of the slow, meticulous torture that had been prepared for her, for eternity.

Thandara's screams continually rent the air, spitting up black bile and blood while her throat was shredded under such prolonged shrieks of agonizing torment.

Eyes, ears, nose were all effused, her own crimson blood forming sticky pools under her in which she was forced to lay in. Her two small-but lovely, breasts were excised from her chest slowly, meticulously, with blades of burning ice. Thandara was made to watch as those searing cold razors cut away beauty and flesh. The cold steel brought no cold-numbing relief just more, unbearable, unmitigated, pain.

"Love me forever! Forever our love will survive." The words of Morgana Sylvyr were shoved, forced, slammed into Thandara's barely comprehending mind.

As Thandara screamed and screamed and screamed, the dark sorceress whispered bizarrely twisted words; the assassins very existence threatening to crack.

"Love me in black!"

"Love me with blood!"

"Love me with hate!"

Over and over, maniacal laughter reverberated throughout Thandara's mind, barely leaving her sanity functional.

Thandara somehow endured.

For Syrone, she endured.

For love.

Amidst all that pain and madness. All her suffering, the assassin did not shed a tear.

Then, both of her eyes were immediately seared out of their sockets by white-hot hooks. Her tongue, was violently chewwed from her screaming mouth by cannabalistic insects. Both of her delicate ears, were slowly melted away off her head; their flesh blackening, bubbling, then sloughing onto the floor. The exposed holes were then stuffed full of squirming maggots so they could feed.

Her nose was untouched, left unharmed, so that always, every breath she took would need to be endured. The smell, the cloying stench of sweet, decaying roses, Morgana's fetidness, would always be there.

The next hour, or the nwxt day or maybe longer, Thandara did not, could not possibly know how much time had passed, when she awoke to...

Bodies intertwined, sweating, panting, lusting. Hearts beating like thunderclaps as eager, yet gentle, fingers caressed and enticed each others wetness.

To be played out again, and again, and again for eternity.


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