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Passing Traveler

Oh lady, so beautiful and passionate,

That I have never felt love before,

Your bright light in me doesn't sustain,

For my soul is cold at its core.

This passion does not move me,

Nor the tenderness it brings,

In my chest, there is no emotion,

Neither happiness nor peace rings.

It's not your grace's fault,

Nor your gentle sweetness fair,

It's only my own downfall,

That prevents me from loving as her.

May she find a true love,

That keeps her from all pain,

For I am but a passing traveler,

Who never boils in love's flame.

29 de Maio de 2023 às 20:28 3 Denunciar Insira Seguir história
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Just Me Just Me
October 31, 2023, 06:22
Collins Tarz Collins Tarz
Thank you
July 25, 2023, 21:06
Eva Kaln Eva Kaln
Curious, interesting, and LOVELY poem !
July 17, 2023, 01:57

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