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Pamela Kaid, a reclusive writer with a troubled past, has vanished without a trace, leaving behind nothing but an eerie emptiness. When a serial killer emerges, taunting the city with cryptic messages, the only clue to their identity lies within Pamela's last book. Each chapter holds the key to unraveling the mind of a killer, but as Detective Diara dives deeper into the writer's dark and twisted world, she begins to question her own sanity. Prepare to be captivated as the words of a missing writer become the breadcrumbs leading to the truth.

Suspense/Mistério Para maiores de 18 apenas.

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Detective Diara

Detective Diara Peters poured a spoonful of pasteurized milk into her cereal bowl, deliberately creating her desired combination. No one dared to question her preference. She thrust a spoonful of the diluted breakfast into her mouth, voraciously chewing while fixating her gaze on the wall.

As she reached for the third spoonful, her phone vibrated incessantly, disrupting her composure.

"Goodness... Can't they allow me to have a single moment for breakfast?" she grumbled, discarding the half-eaten bowl of cereal into the sink. It had to be the office. "This is Detective Diara," she snapped, answering the call.

A crease formed on her forehead as she hurriedly approached the television. She swiftly scanned the area for the remote, spotting it perched on the TV shelf.

"Alright, Channel 5," she declared, firmly pressing the button labeled with the number five.

[News Theme Music Playing]

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. This is Alan Anderson, reporting live from Channel 5 News. We bring you the latest update on a developing story that has captured the nation's attention. Pamela Kaid, a renowned female writer and coach, has been reported missing, leaving her family, friends, and fans deeply concerned. Let's delve into the details of this mysterious disappearance.

Diara crossed her arms tightly over her chest as she tried to understand the cause of the commotion on screen. The screen brimmed with captivating visuals of Pamela Kaid and her works.

The first footage showed her elevated on a podium, displaying mesmerizing gestures. The subsequent scenes unveiled her exceptional ability as a captivating orator. She was also a sensation, generously distributing food bags to destitute children and freely providing books to the underprivileged.

"Women are remarkable!" Diara exclaimed with a gleeful whistle escaping her lips.

Pamela Kaid, a prominent figure in the literary and coaching world, is known for her influential works that have touched the lives of millions. Her books have topped bestseller lists, and she has inspired countless individuals through her coaching programs and motivational talks. However, on the evening of May 20th, Pamela Kaid vanished without a trace, leaving her loved ones and fans in a state of shock and worry….

"Wow! Her house is absolutely breathtaking!" Diara exclaimed, drawing nearer to the television. Her initial awe for the writer gradually dissipated, giving way to a more serious demeanor. On the television screen, police cars surrounded Pamela Kaid's apartment. The entire area teemed with individuals streaming in and out of her residence as if it were their own.

For a moment, Diara pondered whether they would uncover anything significant. It had been a week since she vanished. Had they even questioned her husband yet? Diara fervently hoped that she would be assigned to the case because the individuals on camera were merely showy; they lacked competence and expertise.

Law enforcement authorities have been tirelessly working to unravel the circumstances surrounding Pamela Kaid's disappearance. According to initial reports, a concerned friend, Shanaya Peters, contacted the police after being unable to reach her for several days. Authorities arrived at her residence, where they discovered no signs of forced entry or a struggle. However, personal belongings, including her cell phone and journal, were found left behind, adding to the mystery of her sudden disappearance.

Diara laughed heartily with amusement as her stepsister's picture unexpectedly appeared on the screen. Oh, how abundantly nourished her sister appeared! A supposedly concerned friend? Ha! Diara utterly dismissed that notion.

In interviews with Kaid's family members and close friends, they described her as a dedicated and passionate individual, always focused on her work and helping others. They expressed their deep concern for her well-being and pleaded for anyone with information to come forward.

Local law enforcement has been actively coordinating search efforts, with volunteers and specialized teams combing through nearby parks, wooded areas, and other potential locations where Pamela Kaid was known to frequent.

Earlier today, the lead investigator in Pamela Kaid case held a press conference, appealing to the public for their assistance. Detective Rafa Ramirez provided updates on the ongoing investigation, stating that they are treating the case as a top priority. He urged anyone who may have seen or heard anything suspicious in the vicinity of Pamela Kaid's residence or has any relevant information to contact the dedicated hotline established for this case.

If you have any information regarding Pamela Kaid's disappearance, please call the dedicated hotline at....

Diara forcefully pressed the power off button to cut off any further mention of the woman.

"Have you heard enough? You were visibly distracted." Rafa Ramirez grumbled, his words reverberating through her cramped apartment.

"Yeah, her house is enormous. I mean, ridiculously huge. It's situated in an isolated location... My goodness, she must have been all alone. I heard she left her cell phone and journal behind. Did they find anything useful?" Diara questioned the lead investigator, disregarding his superior status. It was beyond her control. She wasn't one to sugarcoat things; that was just how she was.

A heavy silence lingered. "That's why I'm engaging in this agonizing conversation with you, Peters. We need your assistance. Meet me at the office in fifteen minutes. Do not let me down." The phone emitted a sound indicating the end of the call.

"Missing for a whole week, huh?" Diara affirmed to herself, as if she possessed knowledge others lacked. She spotted the plate of half-eaten cereal among a pile of other dishes across the room. Swiftly, she grabbed her car keys from the bowl.

Officially, she was the detective in charge of the Pamela Kaid's missing persons case.

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