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A story about me and my boyfriend and how it came to be and how we fell in love

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April 13th 2022 The Day We Met and Fell in Love with Each Other

We were at the Day program & Eric came up to me and asked me if I wanted to go out with him. And I said do you want to just be friends and we were friends for like 30 seconds LOL and then we started dating and we instantly hit it off we went on several dates and it was love at first sight .So far w e've been to a Valentine's dance together as a couple

and we are going on a trip together to Universal and we've been dating now for one year so great I love him to death. and we're so happy together he makes my heart Happy he's there for me every single day. the things we do together are meet for coffee every morning. go out for McDonald's and get breakfast so special to spend time with him. And yes we've been dating for one year

and he celebrated my birthday last year with me. and I'll celebrate his birthday this year with him this year. Will next april 13th 2024 be 2 years we've been dating. and yes we're hopelessly in love. it's so romantic I love him so much. we plan on getting married but we're waiting a few years or two.Thethings he does for me is he's always there for me he's always supportive of me. He constantly loves me he never judges me he's always there to give me a kiss and support me and answer the phone. and unconditional love. he truly is the best thing that ever happened to me and I love him with all my heart

and we're someday going to get married in Disney. And it's going to be so great and so romantic because he makes my heart filled with joy and everybody can see when we're together we love each other.

we always find time to spend with each other even when we're busy. we always make time for each other. and when we met that day at the office we knew it was meant to be. and we've been together ever since! and we had our first kiss it was so romantic! our first kiss was on on April 14 2022 the day after we met it was great so sweet so kind. my mom absolutely loves him and so does my sister as well as my brother and my niece and nephew and my sister-in-law. and me and him have a photo album together of all the things we've done together it's a collage of all our photos it's so sweet he's the best thing in my life!. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend that truly loves me for me and he feels so lucky to have such a wonderful girlfriend that loves him for him and we're just perfect for each other cuz we support each other! 🥰😘💕❤. love isn't something you buy at the store, love is a feeling and must be felt with the heart! and me and my boyfriend truly appreciate the meaning of the word love cuz we love each other every single day that we get to spend time with each other. and we have our own song and it's Marry You by Bruno Mars, and Love Story by Taylor Swift, Basically We love each other! And I hope u all someday you are find the one you love and hold on to them! Cause I found the one i love💖 .And we've been to many restaurants and celebrated many anniversaries. It's been nothing but amazing memories and wonderful good times and enjoyed many special moments together. And every time we're together we love being with each other.!❤🥰🦋 And I'm lucky to be with Eric he such a kind person. who I love dearly .He makes me a better person. And I love him for that. We play cards are favorite card game is kings on the couner, And 21 , Five card drew,And Trash.

And this year me and my boyfriend are going to universal studios in Orlando. Were so Excited it will be are first trip together as couple whoohoo! And my lastest accomplishment that me and my boyfriend celebrate is i beat epilepsy watch means i no longer have seizures and i'm off the meds and my seizures are dominant.Watch means not active. He Really is a incredible person and so amazingly supportive of me for that i love him greatly .I hope you enjoyed my story.🤩💜

Written By Sarah Adams

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Sarah Adams Hi my name is Sarah I'm 47 years old i have a disability I love writing for me writting is very expressive it says how you feel just in a few short words & it says the journey one's been through & it can be very self expressive to people who are reading so I hope you enjoy my stories! ❤🦋⭐

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