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It's the start of The Hybrid's existence and how they came about. Belinda is Dee's ancestor and passed along the curse of The Hybrid.

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She started off in a place where people were witches and savages apart. They had their darkness that lued that continued to mess with her head as she walked across the land carrying a bucket of water to wash clothes for her mother and father before sundown. She has the scrub board and took it around the back. She grabbed a bunch of clothes and put them in the boarded picket to line up her nightly chore. She started to scrub her mom's clothes when she heard something of in the trees lining and glanced up. She looked around and continued washing. When she finished with her mom's clothes she started with her dad's after hanging her mom's out dry. When she finished she emptied the water on the back yards ground and flipped the bucket upsidedown to dry off. She dried off her hands on her clothes and turned around to make her way back inside. She told her mom that she had finished their laundry. She made her way to her room after telling her mom and dad goodnight. When she walked into her room it was all wood and nails. It held a musty secent and was humid from the days heat. She laid on her bed which had boards, material and padding made from sown materials and camels hair. As she laid there her ears popped in and out and she felt pressure release and air blew through them. She closed her eyes and let the night take her to her dreams.

She was stalked by a darkened soul that whispered poets from scriptures in a different tongue and they valued her energy and the life she conceived. She was lost without a cause at some point and challenge by the darkness of the soul. She was stuck in his beauty but seduced by his garments of fine wordings. She lost her balance and fell to the floor when he caught her she stared in his eyes and...

She opened her eyes to a rasp on the sidewall of the entryway to her room and her mother was standing there telling her to get up. She got up and went to the river and got some water and inhaled the crisp air that filled the mornings sunrise. When she got to the house she gave her dad a cup of water and handed the bucket to her mom. She went and helped with the bowls for beans that her mom had made and handed it to her dad. She then got her bowl and the mother got hers as they sat around the eating spot and gathered hands for a prayer. As they announced their praise to God and blessed their house they hugged each other and gave each other thanks and said amen. After they ate they ate her mom did the dishes as she got ready to study some things she was assigned to do by her dad p and mom. Her dad went out and searched for meat and wildlife as the day dropped he'd come back and check vegetation. Her father came back that night and had some wildlife gathered up in his hands and looked at his wife and raised the precooked dinner and smiled. She smiled back at him and he said,"Where's Belinda at?" Her mom motioned a thumb towards her daughter's room and he brought the food to the table and walked to her room,"Need some water girl. Get to the river and hand your pa a bucket of drench." She got up and said,"Yes pa," and walked outside to get the bucket. She headed towards the river and got a pale of water. She headed back towards the house to her beginnings evening. The title of subject that night was the killings that dlda had seen and we was focused mainly on the setback of the growth in wildlife that'll fuel our bodies for the days agenda and mom had focused on the materials we'll need for the upcoming winter time. Belinda kept her prayers at heart for their survival and extinguished thoughts and scared feelings through praise in bodily energy. It was a trick she picked up when she was a few years younger during prayer and the Holy Spirit would guide off her worriers with answers through blessings they'd receive from above. When they finished dinner they forgot about dishes for the moment and said another prayer and gave each other hugs and thanked them then said Amen. As Belinda headed to her room she gathered the strength to face her dreams that night. She got on her knees and said a prayer, "Lord you seen me from the darkness and you sent me angel to save me and hear my prayer. You made me stand strong and blessed me with the proper support system to overcome my demons. Hear my praise as I sanction my fears through Faith. " When she stood up she felt better then what she did before and laid on her bed. She ignored her covers due to the nights humidity and thought other wise about putting something else on because of the cool breeze. She thought about the dream she had the night before and followed a scripture from what she was studying in stuff that her pa had gave her. When she closed her eyes her lids felt like they were sealed shut. She tried to move and couldn't. Her body felt tight and couldn't move or scream. She struggled for movement and a grasp on the gravity of the situation and began to panick as she felt her soul feel relief and she started to pray.

When she came to reality her body felt as light as a cloud and her lids blinked open with a dozen rays shining in her eyes and she smelt nothing but pure air and opened her heart. She gathered a few thoughts and balanced herself on the heels of her feet and extended her arms to stretch her back and different sorts of body parts. She felt awake but emotionally fixed due to the energy of the beauty that surrounded her. There different colors of flower and plants. Different types of trees and bushes that scattered across the land field. There were wildlife and angels just dancing about as the thriller basis of the sin life was extinguished and purity was at it's extent and beyond the most amazing sight you've ever seen People were Everlasting as The Tree of Life grew stronger in the center of The Garden of Eden. She felt so much joy in her heart and fixated on the creation about and her face lite up when she seen her grandma and her cousin's that passed on. They were Angel's. She was experiencing Heaven's Garden and the natural beauty of God's Creation.

She was faced by her Creator and dropped her head as His face was a reflection of shine. His Son was the same and she drifted on life's harmonics and relaxed with the love of her loved ones. She remembered everything that was blessed to their families and enjoyed what she was experiencing for the time being. She relaxed and constructed the balance of the natural beauties and it's purpose. God walked with her and His Son followed. It's definite purpose was to grow for purpose for they seen as natural creation in growth and development to become stronger with Faith in The Almighty. So they were built through their levels of Faith...

When she awoke her body felt rested and her mind was clear. She felt stronger and more organized. She looked in the living room and it was empty. "Mom? Dad?" No answer. She processed her thoughts and found herself facing her problems alone for the day. Her mom and dad was never gone. She got some water from the creek and valued the time alone in the morning. It was nice change of pace. She did the normal routine and washed up then went to studying. She didn't do much throughout the day and there was still some vegetation and meat left over drying out in the back. She went and got a fist full and went back inside and continued her studying while she threw a munch on some jerky. She heard a scratching outside and got up to check in it when another hit on the other side of the house. She jumped and let out a scream and turned around. "Blessed be the Lord who watch over me," She said as she crept towards the shaded part of the house and looked around. She began another prayer and walked to the other side and out the house to search the outside part. She circled the house and noticed a squirrel bouncing around in the thigh high scrub in her backyard and smiled and turned around and went inside. The sun began to drop and still no parents. She bowed her head and prayed for them again, since it was her only before her dinner meal she said thank you to God, then said Amen. She sat down to start her meal and thought. Getting she knew she was breaking her father's rules by going out at dark and promised to say a prayer later to confess of her sin. She walked towards the creak and seen the clearing towards the grass along the creek. She valued the night time stars when she would look out her window and smiled, when she thought about Heaven. She glanced from the sky back to the creek and seen something moving. It was dragging itself down the side and letting out a growling. Belinda slowed down and watched the thing drag itself across the ground. She prayed to God to give her the guidance to help this strange thing and stepped in a rock and twisted her ankle. She grabbed it and bounced a couple times and steadied her foot steps. The thing came into view and looked at her and let out a savage like growl and chased her...

Lucas Sr and Dee was sitting having lunch when Emily knocked on the door with Elena in her arms. "Hey what's up? Emily right? Come in," Dee grabbed the duffle bag she had and set it down. "Can I hold her?" Dee said with the biggest smile on her face. Emily handed Elena to her and said, "Jr wanted you to have this. It's a promise he made to you a long time ago when you guys were in Durango, Colorado. He promised you a glass house." Dee smiled and glanced from her grandaughter to Emily and said,"Where is Jr at anyways?" Emily smiled with tears in her eyes. It was definitely what she hated to do for her job being a nurse and she sure as hell didn't want to tell it to Juniors mom. "He's dead." Dee looked up and said "What!" And almost dropped her grandaughter but held her strong. "We're burying him tomorrow. I'ma pay for everything so don't worry about it. Can you watch her for me please? I got to run real quick. It'll be good for you to get to spend some time with her as well. I'll come back by later. And here," She handed her an envelope with a peice of paper folded inside. Emily walked out the door and to her car and drove off as Dee and Lucas Sr cried with Elena in her arms.

She darted back towards the house on foot as the thing was in high pursuit with her. Belinda jumped through a window and scraped her arm as she hit the floor and rolled over into the table. Barely getting to her feet she limped off and heard the demon come smashing through the side part of the house and snarled at her and shot a beast like growl in her direction. She turned and limped in pain shot off on foot out the front door. She was aching in pain and losing her balance at every step but praying to God that she don't slip up and get torn by this beast. That he strengthens her and helps her through this. The beast continued on her trail and she jumps through some brush and falls and gets a hand full of stickers. She let out a scream and started to pray to God. The beast let off on foot in the air snarling at her and she turned around and covered her ears and scream and the thing was gone.

Dee and Lucas Sr filled two seats in the front row and Dee sat there and cried in Lucas's shoulder. She looked around and people began to fill the Church.

"My son was a gentleman and has a beautiful daughter and I miss him so much. He was so healthy and went so young. I miss him so much and know he's in a better place, Dee said as she got Lucas from under the arm and walked out the church crying. They got to their car and got in and there was a feather on their dash. Lucas Sr looked at it and smiled and said to himself, 'I know you are my friend. I know you are'.

She stayed crouched over on her knees for a minute with her hands over her ears and then looked up slowly. She looked around and glanced towards the creek. Looking around the yard, she got to her feet and hurried inside. That night she fell asleep with one eye open and her heart in prayer. Only God knew what else lurked out there. She considered this and gathered her thoughts as the night took her off to her dreams.

Her parents stared at her in her sleep. Their faces were pale and they looked at her with the expression deepening on their faces. "When are you guys coming home? I miss you guys so much," Belinda said as she tried touching her dad's arm and couldn't. She was staring at her parents and seen something behind them. She tried warning them and the thing grabbed her dad and began to drag him away. Her dad's kicking and screaming yelling at his daughter, "Run and leave the house! Get the hell out of the house!" He kept on yelling at her. She turned to run, as tears streaked her face and the thing came back and got her mom and drug her away as she scream at Belinda. Belinda kept running and running until her eyes blinked open to something tugging at her shoe.

She sat up and scooted to the head of her bed and looked and nothing was there. She looked around and nothing. The house was completely dark. She got up and walked over to her window and looked out. The night was silent and you can hear the crickets sing away to the night's breeze. She hugged her shoulders and walked back to her bed and sat there till the sun came up with her mind on her dream. When the sun and the first rays shined through the trees in the backyard, she got the pale and headed to the stream. She sat there and looked around remembering the following night. The thing wasn't anywhere in sight.

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