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Love is beautiful and more unique when happens among robots. Its an extended version of my first book " The TIME ".

#16 em Romance #5 em Suspense romântico Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos. © Its my own work .

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The Aliens and the robot

Actually my name is Atamo and today I am going to reveal the journey of my life of how after building time machine , and going through all these chaos of black hole , god , lost in space with no sign of life a journey to non sensational death and even after loosing my family . I was just lost in space like a hard mass trapped inside a cage that was just only preventing it from sudden death with a more painful and long death , just waiting and praying for death with no control on body with broken from inside . Suddenly a strange flash hit my eyes making me a sense of blindness. That light fired my with some laser that made me feel that i am going to die .But .....

In the depths of an alien spaceship, a week ago, I found myself kidnapped while unconscious. Stripped of my protective suit, its security measures thwarted any attempts to access it without my consent. Frustrated, the aliens dismantled my suit and even removed my heart during their examination of my body. Left as a mere shell, with only my brain intact, I teetered on the brink of death until they realized the necessity of returning my heart.

Unfortunately, by the time they intervened, my vital signs had ceased. In their desperation, they dissected me further, reducing my body to a collection of tissues and organs, preserved like spices in glass jars. Yet, remarkably, my brain remained viable. In a bold move, the aliens attempted to revive me by fashioning a new body from an otherworldly element, resistant to extreme temperatures. Despite their efforts, I remained unresponsive until they ingeniously integrated my suit's arc reactor into my new form, providing the vital spark of life.

Reborn as a cyborg, I found myself navigating a strange existence, both human and machine, capable of emotions and perhaps even regeneration. It was a unique amalgamation, granting me the full capabilities of a male, whether in my organic or organometallic state.

However, my newfound existence was not entirely my own. The aliens, seeking to understand and control me, linked my body to their network, delving into my thoughts and sensations. Consequently, I was relegated to the role of a mere tool, navigating the spaceship's power station with my memories locked away, reduced to a semblance of a robot.

Amidst the sterile corridors, I sensed the presence of another being—a female robot in an adjacent room. A curious sensation stirred within me, akin to butterflies fluttering in my stomach, though I struggled to comprehend its significance.

For five long years, I served as a weapon of war and destruction for the aliens, utilizing my powers, intellect, and strategic thinking to conquer and obliterate planets teeming with life. With each victory, I became more notorious, a wanted criminal under intergalactic law. Despite numerous attempts to apprehend or confront me, my adversaries consistently failed. Gradually, I transformed into a malevolent force, leaving a trail of sorrow and despair in my wake.

Although my heart urged me to resist the path of destruction, I was bound by strict orders. Amidst the chaos, I searched tirelessly for a girl I had encountered years ago, yet she remained elusive. Even inquiries among the aliens and my comrades yielded no leads, save for rumors of a damaged robot being brought in for repairs.

Then, on a fateful day amidst the battlegrounds of planet Titan, as I prepared to execute the ruler, a chance encounter with a girl stirred forgotten emotions within me. Like a distant echo of our first meeting aboard a spacecraft, her presence ignited a flicker of something long dormant.

Amidst the chaos of battle, when an alien assailant threatened her, I instinctively intervened, shielding her from harm. But in doing so, I exposed myself to a missile strike, sustaining grave injuries that left me incapacitated on the battlefield.

Unconscious and near death, it was the girl who came to my rescue, whisking me away from the clutches of the aliens. As my commander declared me dead and the fighting ceased, a chapter of my life drew to a close, yet a new journey was just beginning.

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