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Title: The Beautiful Days

Poem 1:

Whispers of Spring

In the realm of nature's grace,

Where vibrant colors interlace,

Comes a season, joyous and bright,

With gentle whispers of sheer delight.

Awakening Earth, in blossoms arrayed,

As sunlight weaves through the forest glade,

Petals unfurl, kissed by gentle breeze,

Dancing in harmony, amidst the trees.

A symphony of birdsong fills the air,

As nature awakens from slumber's lair,

The fragrance of flowers, a sweet perfume,

Enchanting hearts, dispelling gloom.

Oh, the beauteous days of Spring,

When hope and renewal take wing,

Nature's canvas, a masterpiece so fine,

A tapestry of life, divine.

Embrace the season, let worries subside,

In fields of blossoms, let your spirit glide,

For in these moments, nature bestows,

A glimpse of heaven, where beauty flows.

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Liyas Syarifuddin Liyas Syarifuddin
Beautiful poetry I like it so much
June 07, 2023, 14:12
Gaby Depp Gaby Depp
I like the way you write. It is really poetic. Nice choice if words
May 19, 2023, 21:00

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