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Aaron is a 37 year old lonely man who has a dead end job but once lived a good life in crime, torturing and killing people who threatened his older brother, Aidan, who soon become one of the biggest drug dealers in LA. After a betrayl who led him to jail, he decided to quit crime, a decision that made him and his brother cut contact. After years of not talking to him, he receives a call from his older brother and is surprised to know the man is running away from the police and now lives and makes business in Mexico. The man asks him to bring his troubled 17 year old daughter, who'd been living in a orphanage for years and would soon be 18, to him which Aaron is conflicted to until money is offered. When on the road, unexpected dangers makes them create a strong bond that will change their lives and make it hard to say goodbye when they arrive their destiny.

Ação Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos.

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The rain was falling outside when I got rid of the warmth of the bed and went to the window to light my cigarette.

I stare at the cold, ugly landscape outside my apartment as I prepare for another tiring day at work, assembling dishes in a crowded kitchen where orders seem to keep coming.

Making hamburgers isn't exactly the dream job neither what I planned for my life a few years ago but, well, a few years ago I was in crime, doing awful things.

The pay is decent and it's close to my house. I am aware that working doing what you like is an illusion when you are an adult trying to make honest money.

I find myself reflecting on the past since I got out of prison and decided to leave the life of crime behind. Sometimes I miss the adrenaline, the money, my brother with whom I had a complicated relationship.

Such thoughts have been plaguing me ever since I saw the announcement that he is now officially a wanted man in the newspaper, they are even offering a reward.

I hadn't seen his face for seventeen years and seeing him stirred many feelings that were dormant.

I can't say the same about the tortures, the deaths, the ugly part of it all.

I always come to the same conclusion that I made the right decision and was lucky to be able to leave that life behind, as many cannot. Since Mike and Angie couldn't... I inhale the nicotine that calms me down so much and helps me leave these distant thoughts at these times.

I furrowed my brows when my cell phone rang from where it was on the nightstand, I don't usually take calls.

The relationship I have with people at work boils down to this, work. And as for my love life, the most I have are casual sex with people I'll only see once in my life.

That sounds bad and I admit I've been living a lonely life since I got out of prison, but I don't see that as a problem. Something that is supposed to be seen as relieving like having friends or someone special is also a weakness, something they can use to hurt you, something that hurts like hell when you lose them so I'd rather not bother with it anymore, I'm better alone.

I put the cigarette between my lips and go to the device, checking the number listed as unknown. The thought of another annoying telemarketer almost makes me not answer.

— Hello? — I inhaled my cigarette but nothing could have prepared me for the person on the other end of the phone.

— Hello, little brother. — The voice that answered made my heart run cold and took me back to a cold December night and a conversation that was supposed to be peaceful but ended up being our last one.

The voice I hadn't heard in years.

My older brother's voice.

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omg i love it
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