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Inkspired's Top #1 for "Inspirational" category, in Spanish, is now out in English! Am I a writer or not? The use of “so-called” is nothing more than moral support to reinforce an idea that, even until now, terrifies me to accept. And you? Do you have any dreams to fulfill? Don't wait for life to send you more signals because, one day, it might catch you out of range. No one learns from other people's experiences! However, I invite you to discover the steps that led me to literature. You know what? I used to program video games to tell my stories. That's how I discovered that there were many paths that lead to Rome.

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Prologue - What exactly am I?

January 2022

So this is Instagram… I've known about social media for many years. In fact, one of my projects was a precursor to them, just before Tuenti (spanish social media) came into people's lives. Facebook was a different story, though. For me, Zuckerberg was a complete stranger. At first, I found social media very innovative. They allowed people to connect with friends and family, but gradually, my friends started leaving my web services behind, and I was forced to go with the flow. Not long after that, while living in Malta, I discovered something that kept me away from social media for over a decade.

“Before publishing your novel, it would be advisable for you to open up to the world,” they told me. So, that's what I did: I joined Instagram, and that was two weeks ago!

I work as a systems engineer for a well-known Spanish technology company, but… Am I really an engineer? I have been many things: a student, an athlete, a volunteer at Youth Red Cross, a home computer technician, a programmer, a technician at a TV production company, a video game developer, a telemarketer, an enterprise application architect… Because one can be whatever they set out to be, I can attest to that. Recently, I won a literary contest that made me think, “strangers like what I write,” but let's not digress. I am a father of two children, a husband, an independent developer, and an engineer, “among many other things.” I also love astrophysics, microscopy, myrmecology, video games… But recent events have made me question myself: What am I really? Searching for the answer, I discovered that anyone who, even without having published a single work, has written their first book, story, script, or any other literary work of certain caliber, can consider themselves a novice writer. Wait… I have also written things! But I have already been too many things. I can't go on like this!

After careful consideration, I think I will recap how I have come to this point in my life. Meanwhile, I have chosen to consider myself a “so-called writer.”

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Alison Lawrence Alison Lawrence
Thanks for the encouragement. I believe being poor or less affluent can encourage creativity.
June 02, 2024, 17:57
Merve Gündoğmuş Merve Gündoğmuş
Nice ^^
September 07, 2023, 14:25

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