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Mysteries unravel in Alphina a well known country which turns out to be one of the greatest mysteries ever uncovered

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The Mystery

"Hey, stop right there," shouted the policeman as he chased down a well-known thief from the kingdom of Venelsa.

The thief was running at full speed but due to his condition, he collapsed on the ground. Before that, the well-known thief was a popularly known person by the name of Mike, who came from the Moringo family.

The Moringos were extremely powerful and the major opposition of the town they were in. His father had passed away leaving all his possessions in the hands of his son Mike but his uncle unlawfully accumulated the property meant for Mike Moringo.

This began the rise of Mike's villainy to take revenge on his uncle.

Moving back to the scene, "Stop thief, Huh I think I must call an ambulance."

Meanwhile, Jack, Amy and Craig returned from the contest they had just won. While they were busily chatting about how the competition had proceeded, they came across the Alphina Museum enclosed by "Do Not Cross" signs everywhere.

The three friends were inquisitive and chose to enquire more about what was going on. They found out that there was a break-in in the museum last night but the criminal had been caught.

The friends were puzzled and deep in thought about what they just heard from the police officer when they suddenly caught a glimpse of an unspecified letter on the ground.

The unknown letter on the ground looked very strange to the three friends. As Jack reached to pick up the unidentified letter, there was a drastic gunshot which caused panic among the three friends.

The police fired their guns with all their might whilst Jack was trying to get his friends to safety he unexpectedly felt unconscious and fell to the ground leaving the two friends surprised and in doubt.

As Jack woke up, Amy and Craig were interrogated by some reporters who followed them.

"Where am I? What happened?" questioned Jack who was not used to the atmosphere he was in.

Amy and Jack came into the room and boy, were they glad Jack was okay. They later told them about the incident that occurred before Jack fell unconscious.

Jack then revealed that he was able to grab the letter before he fell unconscious. Both Amy and Craig were surprised. The three curious minds decided to find out the vital information that was contained in the letter it read,

Dear Sir,

I would like to let you know that the items we stole last night have been shipped to our secret headquarters. Kindly meet Mr. C tomorrow night at midnight for our plans against the Morigos.

Yours faithfully,

Ken S.

The words shocked the three and they all began to wonder in suspicion who Mr. Ken S. was and how they could trace the stolen items.

But Jack had to recover from his incident he was still as weak as a fly even to solve these mysteries.

When Craig left the hospital to attend to his duties. Amy stayed behind to look after her dear friend Jack whom she had a crush on. Amy sometimes wondered when Jack would see her to be more than just a friend to him.

This was a great weight on her heart but she had to stay strong for herself and her best friend Jack. She was then informed that two strangers would like to visit Jack. These two strangers damaged the security cameras and stole the letter Jack had found.

Amy who was frightened at the scene began to cry for help but the busyness of the hospital was enough to silence the cries for help which resulted in Amy getting captured. Jack felt as powerless as ever when her dear friend was being captured.

He had tried to run after Amy but he ended up passing out the moment he tried to proceed out of the hospital bed.

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