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Winter was sad and lonely because he thought he wasn't good enough. He attacked his season companions and froze the world in a failed attempt to freeze his feelings and become stronger. But no matter how terrible he was, Summer wouldn't lose hope, Autumn wouldn't be intimidated, and Spring... She wouldn't give up of him without a fight.

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The Blooming of Winter

Hi there
I don't speak English exactly, but to practice my teacher told us to try to write some stuffs, like diaries, so I thought it would be a good idea to try to write some of my fanfics stories and thoughts and ... well that's how this oneshot was born.
So if you find any error I apologize and please let me know.


I am the shadow.

The shadow that lurks.

The shadow that threatens.

The shadow that kills.

A cold shadow that announces the winter and sadness.

And I've never had problems with that. I liked being that way. I thought that was synonymous of power, of strength.

But she... showed me I was wrong.

She is the light that breaks the winter, brings the spring and ends all the sadness.

So, I ran away from her. I fled with all my might, as far as I could. But even these road leads me to her once again... and again... and again.

I am the winter running from her sunbeams, because I knew that she would be my ruin. She would bring the spring, make the ice melt and the cherry trees bloom.

But is a fact. That the spring chases the winter, to finish him, to kill him.

It's the cycle.

The Summer, brings everyone happiness. But happiness doesn't last forever. So, Autumn warns about the black clouds that will arrive. But Summer doesn't believe, he has much faith. So, Autumn try to resist and avoid, but is too late. When they realize... Winter comes destroying Autumn and breaks everyone's heart.

The dark and cold take over the world. Freezes hope, the happiness, the memories. Winter closes himself from everyone in his sea of pain and loneliness, taking revenge on everything and everyone, rebelling and tormenting himself. However, he can freeze, but can't erase the memories from those summers, autumns and springs.

So, when his heart can't no longer survivor, he waits patiently for the fight.

And then Spring comes. And at moment their eyes meet he knows he'll lose. And he hates himself for it. Because he loves her a and her eyes tell you nothing but compassion.

In a desperate act he tries to fight, to retaliate, to hurt her.

But what he doesn't know is that Spring can't be hurt anymore. Because she was already broken and know how to fix herself. She truly know how to be strong and wouldn't give up for nothing.

Even with all his power and strength, he can't resist her greatest weapon, he can't resist her love. Because the Spring brings the hope even to the colder, darker and harsh winter.

So, she kills me.

She meltes my ice, she lights up my darkness and make the flowers bloom in my life.

And this destroys me piece by piece every single time, because I can't stop being the darkness, the winter. But at the end I like when she arrives. Because... She is so beautiful, warm and peaceful. That even I can feel like I have something good inside of me.

We are so complete opposite and even if she is my end, I wouldn't want to be anybody else's.

So, I hold that feeling, that love, and I remember them when I can't control myself. When I can't help myself. Because I know that in the end she'll help me, she won't give up on me, no matter what.

That's why I used to froze things and then run. Because I wanted her to come to me, I wanted her to chase me, because in this moment of season transition it was when we could stay together and I had all my hopes renewed.

But no longer I need it anymore. I don't need fear the Summer, attack Autumn and run away from Spring. Because she asks me one day "Can I go with you?" and I said "Maybe next time" and since then we renew our vows every cycle. A silent promise, a subliminal agreement, another way of saying "I love you".

Because I'm the shadow she needs to hide and she is my light that I need to love.

I'm the cold she needs to fight and she is the warms I need to forgive.

I'm the winter that just wanna see the flowers blossom once again, and she... She is my brave bud, pretty flower, which awakens ever more beautiful and strong, she is my dear cherry blossom.


Thanks for read.

In case this been a little confusing...

Naruto is Summer
Kakashi is Auntum
Sasuke is Winter
Sakura is Spring

And it's like if Sasuke was telling a sleeping story to baby Sarada or something, telling about his dark past and the feelings for his team and sakura in a different and lighter way for a child to understand.

Anyway... let me know what you guys think. ^^ 

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