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A young woman who is a famous author is connected by the son of stars. Focusing more on her career 21, year old Kara Wells is an author who is known from everywhere. With her mother keeping secrets from her she finally finds out the truth. She not what she thought she was at all. She wasn't human. She was the wife of the son of stars who died but got reincarnated as Kara. As her star husband finally finds his wife that got reincarnated he was happy. But he was also sad because he knew she had forgotten about all the things they did together. But as some evil things start to come will Kara or should I say Vespera fall back in love with her husband? Or she do the opposite of falling in love with him?

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Bound To Magic

"When is she gonna come?"

"Is she even here?"

"I didn't come all this way for nothing"

By that time Kara had came out with a black sharpie and sat down waiting to autograph her books. A large amount of people had run some even shove to be the first one. "Calm down! Everyone can get their sign" Kara yelled as everyone walked towards her like they are hypnotize.

"Hi sweetie what's your name?" Kara asked smiling at the seven year old girl. "My name is Gracelyn" Gracelyn said as Kara smiled. The little girl known as Gracelyn pulled out one of her child books Kara wrote and put it on the table. Kara signed it with a smile she always like doing autographs for younger ones.

"Have a great day!" Kara wave as the girl wave back with a smile. Suddenly their was a scream from one of her fans. The fan point to Kara as everyone else eyes widen. Kara was glowing a light pink. Everyone started to run as this one fan yelled out.

"This is bad treatment advisor!" The fan yelled out trying to be funny but it didn't calm the situation. "I think I should leave" Kara said as she run out of the book signing. She went into her car and started driving home. What is wrong with people? My brain asked me.

To be honest I didn't know at all. Why did people walked to be like their hypnotize? Why did that one fan point at me? I finally make it to my house as I went to get some water to clear my head. Everything hurts, my head, my hands are all shaking and numb, my whole body hurts.

All that I know was me waking up somewhere differently. "Hello Vespera" Some voice said as Kara was confused. "My name isn't Vespera, it's Kara" Kara said as the voice laughed at her. "I see you don't know the truth" The voice said as Kara shakes her head.

"Well I can't tell you now. But I will when you come back" The voice said as Kara eyes widen. "No! Please tell me!" Kara said as she woke up in a hospital. "Hey! Hey! Calm down Kara!" Her mom said holding her hand. Kara didn't know what was happening with her but it was something not normal.

"Something is wrong with me" Kara said as her mom eyes widen. "This can't be happening" Her mom whisper turning away. Her mom couldn't face her own daughter which tells Kara something is wrong with her. "Mom...?" Kara said looking at the back of her mom head.

"I'm so sorry Kara" Her mom said as she just left her daughter even more confused. "This is so werid and confusing!" Kara said laying back down in her hospital bed. All of a sudden the light bulb busted, Kara eyes glow, her body glow, as Kara let out a high pitch scream.

Kara then passes out as she was now going to a different hospital. "H-Huh?" Kara said as she woke up with belts around her waist, legs, and arms. "You okay?" A doctor asked as Kara just looked up at her. "No...I don't know what is happening" Kara said as tears swell in her eyes.

"I know how you feel" The doctor said with a smile. "You do?" Kara asked interested. "I went through the same thing but I was able to control it more" The doctor said as Kara was confused. "Control what?" Kara asked the doctor. "Magic I was able to control unlike you who doesn't know about it" The doctor said as Kara eyes widen.

Magic? My brain said as I was still shocked. That's gotta be a joke don't fall for it Kara! My brain yelled at me. "Magic?" Kara asked as she just ignored what her brain was telling her. "Yeah your just like me. But let's save it I'm gonna break you out of here" The doctor said as she took out a paper. "Here. Follow this so you won't be seen" The doctor said as she gave Kara the paper.

"Now here are some clothes, jacket, shoes, hat, and sunglasses" The doctor said making everything with her magic. "Now get dress and I tell you how to teleport outside" The doctor said as she left for Kara to get dress. "I'm done" Kara said after it's been 3 minutes.

"Now say Corruptendio and close your eyes and you will be there" The doctor said as Kara close her eyes. "Corruptendio!" Kara yelled out as she felt herself falling through a long hole. Kara open her eyes and she was outside. "Wow" Kara said in amusement.

Kara looked at the paper and it said: Turn left, then right, walk straight, and repeat one time. When you get their you will see a house you will live their for now on. "Well that's a good explanation" Kara said in sarcasm.

Kara ends up finding the house as she went inside. "This looks like someone has been living in it" Kara said but she didn't mind only if it keeps her safe. Kara started looking around the house until she find a magic book.

Kara started reading it without hesitation as she saw the spell she did to leave the hospital. "Corruptendio is a spell that teleport you where you want to go. You either think of it or the sense of your aura" Kara read out fascinated with what she was reading.

As she turn the page she saw the name someone in her dreams called her so she started reading. "Vespera is the wife of Astrophel who died all the way in 110BC by her husband enemy. She was a nice young women, who was pregnant at the time she was killed but they wasn't able to save her or the baby." Kara read out.

Kara was also bewildered what did this have to do with her? What did Vespera name have to do with her? The only thing she could come up with was she was Vespera reincarnated, or she is related to Vespera by one of her family members.

"I had enough for today" Kara said as she look out the window which it was night time. "I should get some rest" Kara said as she went to sleep. "You are bound to magic my dear don't forget that" A voice in her head said but Kara was in deep sleep.

But Kara wonder what did all this have to do with her? But when will she get her answers? She didn't know that it will come sooner or later. And that's when more chaos starts happening.

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