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All poetries encompasses a wide range of creative and expressive writing that explores the human experience through language, imagery, and metaphor. From the sublime to the prosaic, these works evoke emotions and resonate with readers on a deep and personal level. Whether exploring themes of love, loss, desperation, hope, or introspection, these poems are a testament to the power of poetry to capture the essence of the human soul.

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House on Elm Street"

"The House on Elm Street"

In the dead of night,

When the moon is full and bright,

A house stands silent on Elm Street,

Filled with secrets that will make your heart skip a beat.

The windows are dark,

And the door creaks,

Creeping through the halls,

The floorboards groan and creak.

Whispers echo in the empty rooms,

The shadows move and shift,

A feeling of dread washes over you,

As you realize you're not alone in this house of horror.

A chill seeps into your bones,

The air is thick with a sense of dread,

Something is watching from the shadows,

And it is hungry for your flesh.

You turn to run, but it's too late,

The house has already claimed you as its prey,

Forever doomed to haunt its cursed halls,

Trapped in a nightmare that never fades away.

Beware the House on Elm Street,

For it will consume you whole,

Leaving behind nothing but a shell,

As it feeds upon your soul.

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