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Everything is normal. A family of 25 normal brothers and sisters, living a normal life, having a normal house, in a simple neighborhood concentrated in a simple city and in an... incredible world. They must recover an inventor's super-powered box from the hands of a manipulative geographer through 6 dangerous games that will test their brotherly bonds, trust, generosity and determination to save the world. Will they make it... ALL alive?

Paranormal Lúcido Para maiores de 18 apenas.

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In a wandering, absolutely unknown by the earthlings, where life is a little more different, but where these inhabitants live more or less than to the earthlings. This is Candy Angleton, a planet like no other. The people who live there are

Candians. Daniel Milton Keynes, 45 years old. An inventor who spent 21 years building a super-powerful box. | Ended ! The box is ready. Daniel usually passes on his inventions to a family very close to him : The 25 pastors, also called the Candy Family since they are 25 brothers and sisters in all. Yes, it's a big deal. And after tons of research, they found the right name for the box : the Candybox. 6 faces, 6 ultra-powers. The first side consists of invoking the establishment of the wish of the person opening the box from this side, knowing that the wish will only be eligible for 89 days (i.e. approximately 3 months). The second side allows the person opening it to export all the intelligence either artificial and digital, or human as desired. The third side allows you to protect a world over a determinable period of 5 months.

The fourth side allows the metamorphosis of any element into any other element for 6 days. The fifth side allows its user to suck creativity out of a world for an extended duration. Finally, the last side allows you to save or reset the universe. This box is super powerful, yet super dangerous in the wrong hands. That's why the 25 pastors are in charge of protecting this box against... Smith-Day Red. He is the enemy of Daniel, a geographer seeking to destroy him completely. He tried several times to falsely sympathize with Daniel in vain since the latter did not allow himself to be manipulated. Smith-Day only acquired 66% knowledge of the Candybox. Fortunately, Daniel found a way to deny Smith-Day access to these documents. However, he can resurface at any time. He has 4 sentinels : Sandy, Kimberly, Kraven and Tyreza. Smith-Day will use it, soon enough...

And the Candy Family. There's 13-year-old Lazer, who doesn't hesitate to nod to help someone or do whatever they ask. Orry, 11, is a romantic born to decorate his room. House, 12 years old, undecided, sensitive and generous. He is ready to do anything for his family. Everen is the 15-year-old who always has to be perfect. Hyn, 9, spends his time writing novels. Gow, 11, notes all the nonsense of others and does not hesitate to denounce them. Wonderow is 14 years old and he spends his time taking à walk around Candytown. Mase, 13, chats and plays Truth or Dare with Flen, Paper, Identity and Jean. Zoey is already leafing through the history books at age 9, unlike her twin sister, Mard, who is based on technological intelligence. Joy is 17 years old, she spends her time cooking good meals for the family. Mate, 14, sleeps and is bored. Tresy relaxes like in yoga at the age of 13. Flen is 16 years old. Creamy is Orry's age. Icy and Juice are 6 and 7 years old. They spend their time playing Hide-and-Seek. Yellow is a one year old baby. Lincoln is Lucy's age, 10. Lincoln is quite helpful. Amy is 13 years old, she is building a log cabin. Henry is the oldest, he is 25 years old and is the president of the board of pastors. On the other hand, the parents were... seriously injured. The mother had died because of these deliveries. Blood was dripping everywhere, tears were flowing. The father died in a car accident.

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