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"Knock, Knock.." Says the female voice. "Who...Who's there?" I question "Im here for..." "Im here for who...?" "Im here...for you..." A young, 16-year old girl must find out the secret to her new home, which has dead rats everywhere. Yeah, imagine living with dead rats! That's not the worst part. Someone, or something, has been haunting her ever since she moved in, whispering in her ear and breaking things. Will she find out the hidden secrets in her new house, or will she loose the everything she has ever cared about? A horror story by Megan T ⚠ WARNING ⚠: Blood is associated within the story, as well as some mild language.

#8 em Horror #3 em Literatura monstro Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos.

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Chapter l: Open Up, Diary

Dear Diary,

Im not sure. About what? Im not sure about my new home. The countryside was so beautiful. My parents say this place is better, but I think they're wrong. The new house looks darker than a forest at midnight. I wonder if there are rats in the kitchen and in the attic. Just thinking about it gives me the chills. The house is crushed in between other houses, and its gray and boring. All of the sudden, the car stops. "Sorry, Diary, ill chat later." I say. I put the diary in my bag and hoitthe car. "Well, its not the best, but we will make it so great that you will completely forget about the countryside!" My dad winks at me. I frown back at him. I open the creaky door to the house. Ticks and bugs creep away from the door. Gross. I step inside. I hear a lot of creaking. Maybe it was just the floorboards...

I keep walking. At least theres an upstairs, I thought. I drop my bag and run up. There were two rooms, one for me, Avery, and one for my mom and dad. My parents room was OK, but mine was just terrible. The windows were broken, the floorboards were once again creaky, and there were even dead rats in some spots. I can see why the owners moved out, now. But on the bright side, the room was huge. I want to improve the place before I actually LIVE in it. Did i mention im super picky? First of all, I want to get rid of those disgusting rats. I grab a trash bag and a glove and very gently pick them up one by one and toss them into the trash bag. I chuck the bag out the window. Um, that probably wasn't the best idea. But we dont even have a trashcan yet. Next, I tore down the old, starry wallpaper and grab some black wallpaper. It was plain, but I liked it. My things were still in the moving van, though. So I had to sleep in a sleeping bag tonight. I lie on the sleeping bag and open up my diary and continue where I left off.

Dear Diary,

Sorry about the wait. I had to explore my so-called "new home". It doesn't even look like a house. I made a few improvements, but still. Why did we move here? The countryside was amazing...and the schools were great, too. Why did we have to leave? Were the bills too expensive? Did my parents have bad jobs? Did it have something to do with me? Also, did I mention I share a room with DEAD RATS? Yeah, dead rats. I write and write until i hear my mom call my name. "Avery! Dinneeer!" She yells. I groan and roll my eyes. "It is nine pm! Why are we having dinner now?" I moan back. "Because, your father had to get his stuff AND mine out of the first moving van. It took hours." She says. I shut my diary and stomp downstairs. "We had to order food from the pizza place. I hope you like hawaiian," My mom says while washing the dishes. Hawaiian? "What is hawaiian pizza-?" I ask supisously. "Pizza with pineapple and ham," She replies. Ewww. "Thats discusting!" I yell. I push the plate away. "Your a 16 year-old, stop acting like a child!" My mom yells at me. "Mom, I am basicallya child. What do you expect?" I ask. "I expect better from you!" She booms. "Im not eating this thing!" I rage. "Then go to bed hungry." My mom scoffs. I hate it when she gets mad like this. I dash upstairs and chuck my diary into an empty box. "I hate this place!" I scream out the window. Im pretty sure the whole neighborhood just heard me, because everyone was looking at me like I was an idiot. I plop down onto the sleeping bag and try to sleep. Hopefully, we will do something better in the morning.

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I love it
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Ooh, chilling. I love it. :)
December 11, 2023, 00:03
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October 13, 2023, 15:47
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goose bumps
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