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This storyline talks about a young five year old girl, named Paige. She teleported into a magical world, and met a young seven year old hyena hybrid, named Ruggie. They became friends, but then Paige had to go back home. Ten years pass, Ruggie and Paige meet up again in Night Raven College. There story never ends! What do you think will happen next?

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The New Portal

"Man, im beat!" Exlaimed a young boy with ruffled dirty blonde hair, and perked up animal ears. "You've been working for thirty minutes, suck it up kid." Said a middle aged woman with the same perky animal ears as the young boy. She puffed out some smoke from the sandy ciggarate she has in her hand. The boy whined as his ears drooped. He then started riding a bicycle toward house to house delivering packages and mail. "It's a pain living in the desert." He thought as he hopped back on his bycicle.

After hours of working, Ruggie, the boy, found a place to grab a bite to eat. An old man is wiping the bar counters in the small and dirty restraunt. Ruggie gives him a small smirk, "Hey old man, got any grub?" The old man scowls, "How much ya got?" He holds out his wrinkly hand. Ruggie sighs, then shoves two five dollar bills in his hand. The old man grins, while sliding Ruggie a plate of two leftover steaks.

"Thanks old man." Ruggie mumbled, then started shoving the meat in his empty mouth with his hands. "Ruggie, you little snot! Get back here!" Yelled one of Ruggie's family members. Ruggie lifted a brow, "Really?" He sighed in defeat then left the restraunt. He looked around to see if his aunt, the person who yelled, was around. She wasn't, so this was the perfect oppertunity to explore outside of his small town.

He ran into his small house, grabbed a few supplies, then ran back out. Then saw a girl around his age with light brown hair, green eyes, pale skin, and interesting looking ears walking around the town. Shes holding a white chocolate dipped and sprinkled donut in a plastic bag too. Everyone in Ruggie's town is hiding in fear from her. Ruggie's ears perk up in a questionable fassion. "The heck is this?" He thought. The girl then sees Ruggie. "Hey! Woah..! Whats with the ears?"

Her face beams with excitement as she hurries over to Ruggie. Ruggie kneels down to the girls level. "Is she kidding? What's with her ears?!" He cringes, then moves his nose closer to her ear. "Doesn't smell odd." Ruggie thought. Paige, the girl looks at Ruggie oddly. Then lightly pushes him off. Ruggie tilts his head, "What are you?" Paige looks at Ruggie. " a human!" Ruggie sighs, "Whatever you are, human, doesnt matter. Now go back home." Paige looks down. "My home isn't in this place. I somehow teleported here!"

Ruggie looks at Paige, "Teleported? Save your imagination when you need it..right now try to focus on getting your donut first." He slyly smirks while mischeviously laughing. "Cya!" He starts running away. Paige looks down at her hands. "Huh?! Wha- Come on! Give it back!"

As Ruggie is running away, he starts opening the plastic bag. "Heheh! And i didnt have to pay the rest of my money! This is heaven." He takes a bite out of the donut, then looks behind him. "Shes not behind me? Huh..thought shed be chasing me for years with the worth of this donut." He closed his eyes then sighed. Suddenly, as soon as he was trying to bite into the donut again, Paige jumped infront of him with her arms spread open wide. Ruggies eyes widen in surprise.

"Crap.." He thought. Then quickly tried hiding the donut in his pocket but before he knew it, Paige was already eating it. She smiled cheerfully, "Thank you!" Ruggie looks at his hand then at Paige. "No fair.." He pouts, his ears and tail droop, then he starts walking away. Paige looks at Ruggie with a small frown. "Do you want it?" Ruggie looks at Paige. "Its yours right?" Paige smiles kindly, "Yeah, but it seems like you really want it!" She hands Ruggie the donut. Ruggies eyes sparkle, his tail wags, and then his ears perk up in excitement.

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