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RELEASED ON JUNE, 9 AS A CELEBRATION OF JOHNNY DEPP'S BIRTHDAY. This is a series of books dedicated to Johnny Depp. This is the type of character I would like to see Johnny perform in a movie. In these books, Johnny is a divorced FBI special agent and a former Texas Ranger living in DC. He has been demoted and now works on cold cases, but he still has connections with the Chief of the Texas Ranger Austin Division Headquarters, Robert Redford, and helps them solve cases. He has a bad relationship with his superior, William Baldwin, he was his former partner but while he was working undercover William betrayed him by dating his wife. His special way of reading evidence as if they were chapters of a book makes him a rather unique and very skilled detective. How will John deal with his new job, his ex-wife, his former partner, his friends, and his colleagues? Will he return to Austin, Texas? Join Johnny in his quest for justice! Book I: "John Depp Special Agent: Deadly Pride " Book II: "John Depp Special Agent: Saints and Sinners" Book III: "John Depp Special Agent: Black Mass" Book IV: "John Depp Special Agent: You Reap what you Sow" Book V: "John Depp Special Agent: To Serve and Protect"

#1 em Crime Para maiores de 18 apenas. © Copyright © 2023 by Gaby Depp All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or used in any manner without written permission of the copyright owner except for the use of quotations in a book review.

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Prologue and Background Information on the Characters


This is a work of fiction. Names of characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2023 by Gaby Depp

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or used in any manner without written permission of the copyright owner except for the use of quotations in a book review.

Cover design by Gaby Depp

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As a fan of Johnny Depp, I would like to see him star in a detective story just as Tom Selleck did in "Jesse Stone" (*See note below).

In these books, Johnny is John Depp, a Senior Special Agent from the FBI and a former Texas Ranger. He is originally from Austin, Texas, but now works in Washington D.C. After being undercover for almost a year, he returns home to find out his wife has cheated on him and is currently pregnant with his partner, William Baldwin's child. William has even moved into his house with his wife. They even tried to keep his dog while he had to move to a shitty apartment. His now former partner has been promoted to Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) of the Washington Field office, thanks to the help of his brother, Alec Baldwin, who happens to be one of the three Deputy Directors of the FBI. After having a heated argument with John at the FBI Headquarters, in the garage of the J. Edgar Hoover Building, William tries to demote him, and sends him to the Department of Cold Cases as a punishment and to show who the boss is. Thanks to Morgan Freeman's intervention he gets in charge of that department instead.

John is an easy-going, goodhearted, down-to-earth guy, but this is too much. He is fuming and decides to make William look like the fool he is. He starts working on the cold cases and orders lots of forensic tests. After all, William got him in charge of that department, and John has never neglected his work. And he will make the most of it. William will regret sending him to the "Arctic Pole" to keep him away and try to force him to quit or ask for a transfer to another city.

Poor William does not know what is coming to him. John, not only will make him look bad he will also destroy his career. Little by little, he starts solving old cases. He intentionally focuses on the cases William could not solve. This doesn't make William happy. But John is very cunning, with the help of the chief of the FBI Forensic lab, Morgan Freeman, and a district attorney (DA), James Spader, who also hates William because he hates people who use their family influence to get promoted, John plans to humiliate William in the worse possible way.

John's days in the FBI are numbered, and he finds allies everywhere. It seems that William has made many enemies on his questionable way to the top.

John grew up in Austin. He has lots of friends there. One of those friends is no other than the Chief of the Texas Ranger's Austin Division and a father figure to him, Chief Robert Redford. Whenever Robert encounters a serial killer, he asks John for help. Robert used to coach his son and his son's classmates, John, K Charles Reeves, Sean Patrick Flannery, and Jeoffrey Dean Morgan every weekend. He loved playing baseball with these kids.

Robert never forgave John for leaving the Rangers to join the FBI, he hates the 'Fibbies", and always tries to persuade John to go back and work with him. One of his most enjoyable hobbies is to piss off the Fibbies whenever they take high-profile cases from the Rangers to get all the media attention. This is why whenever the Fibbies take one of his cases, he calls John for help. With John, the local police, and the Highway Troopers on his side, he manages to enrage his archenemy, FBI Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Clint Eastwood. They have hated each other since they were young, and it seems that neither of them wants to retire because the day they stop seeing each other and quarreling with each other, they will die.

Nothing makes Robert happier than calling a press conference to tell the good people of Texas that they are safe due to the hard work of his Rangers and the collaboration of a very special agent from the FBI, they have solved the case. Clint thinks Robert is finally acknowledging him but when he starts showing a faint smile on his wrinkled face, Robert says John's name.

Clint takes an arrogant service special agent (Karl Urban) under his wing to fight Robert back. Karl gathers a team of very skilled agents to work with Clint. However, Robert summons John, whose unique way of solving puzzles is advantageous to help him kick Clint's ass every time he can.

For John, every piece of evidence is like a piece of a puzzle, and to complete the whole picture, one has to collect every piece of evidence and interpret it. He has made many arrests during his career, and District Attorneys (DAs) love prosecuting criminals arrested by John because they know that his work is impeccable and they can make a solid case in court. Furthermore, Robert and John are not alone; the Austin DA, Sean Patrick Flannery, and the Chief of the Texas Troopers, Chief K Charles Reeves, are on their side. Together they are undefeatable!

Texans are very proud. They do not like stranger interference in their business. Besides, the Texas Rangers is the oldest law enforcement group in the country. They abhor the Fibbies' snob attitude.

In every book, John will solve a case, and we will know more about his and the other characters’ lives.

Please follow John's cases, personal life, and a quest for justice.

Will he quit the FBI? Will he return to Austin to go back to the Rangers? What kind of criminals and serial killers will he encounter during this adventure? Will he make William pay for his betrayal?

Please join John in this adventure, and at the same time, imagine this is one of Johnny Depp's movies, picture how he and the other actors would play their roles.

Book I: John Depp Special Agent: Deadly Pride

Book II: John Depp Special Agent: Saints and Sinners

Book III: John Depp Special Agent: Black Mass

Book IV: John Depp Special Agent: You Reap What You Sow

Book V: John Depp Special Agent: To Serve and Protect

I hope you enjoy the stories and keep supporting JD.

Join me on my Instagram @gaby.depp to learn more about the stories.

Background Information on the Characters

JOHN DEPP, FBI Senior Special Agent

He is a gentle, kind man who takes his job very seriously. He is goodhearted, down-to-earth, and easygoing. Despite his serious exterior, he can melt your heart when he smiles. He was a former Special Forces, Green Beret, in his army years, then became a Texas Trooper and joined the Rangers due to his skills. Born in Austin, he married his high school sweetheart, a cold-hearted, manipulative woman who only cares about social status. She persuaded John to join the FBI so they could move out of Austin and live a more glamorous life in Washington DC

Due to his commitment to his job, John spent most of his time in undercover operations. This helped him understand the criminal mind. His only connection to the FBI during these ops was his partner Senior Special Agent William Baldwin.

John never cared for medals so he left the bureaucracy of the job in William's hand. He never thought that William would use him as a stepping stone to push his career while it was John who was doing the dirty job. To make matters worse William seduced John's wife and got her pregnant. Imagine how betrayed he feels when he returns home to find William is already living there and he has to move out of his own house. His belongings have already been packed. He isn't allowed to take his German shepherd with him. That dog was his best friend's dog. When he passed away his father, Robert Redford, gave it to him. He had known Robert's son since elementary school. Robert was like a father figure to him, since John's father left when he was a little child.

He moves into a shitty apartment and decides he had enough... William has been promoted while he was still stuck in the same job, he has betrayed him and stolen his wife and house. He knows William got to his current position because his brother holds a high position in the FBI. But still, more hardship awaits him at work.

John hates his life, his soon-to-be ex-wife and ex-partner, his job, Washington, and the FBI. He is determined to bring them all down.

WILLIAM BALDWIN, FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) of the Washington DC Field Office

John's partner, while John was working undercover was supposed to watch his back and had occasional meetings with him to get info on the case.

He is a very ambitious man but unluckily for him, he has no talent and is a bit lazy. John does the real job and William does the paperwork. He was just a white-collar, paper-pusher.

John trusted him but he shouldn't have. While undercover William got several promotions due to their joint work, but John got nothing.

He has connections in high places his brother, Alec is a Deputy Director of the FBI and their father Alexander Rae Baldwin II is a Congressman with a lot of influence.

When John joined the FBI nobody wanted to work with William in part due to his bad character and inability to react in life-threatening situations and in part because nobody wanted to risk their career since he has a very powerful family backing him up. John didn't have any idea about William's family background.

John trusted him with his life but William, not only seduced his wife but also got her pregnant.

After John's return things between these two agents will be a living nightmare and William's arrogant attitude won't help calm John down.

Things will get nasty.

ROBERT REDFORD, Captain of the Texas Ranger's Office in Austin's Headquarters

Robert has known John since childhood his son David, and his friends John, K Charles, Sean Patrick, and Jeffrey used to be classmates in elementary school. Robert used to coach them to play baseball.

David, Robert's son, died on his fourth round in Afghanistan, after his death Robert gave John his son's dog, a four-year-old German shepherd, John had given it to David as a birthday present.

Robert considers David's friends as if they were his children and the feeling is mutual. After David's death, they took turns visiting or calling Robert. He lives alone, he is a widower and his only son is dead. These guys are his only family now.

He always consults John whenever he has a difficult case because the way John approaches evidence is unique and very effective.

Robert wants John to return to Austin and go back to the Texas Rangers.

Robert hates the FBI in general, and specifically ASAC Clint Eastwood. John finds the way these two behave is childish, but he is always on Robert's side. And now he is not very fond of the FBI himself so when he helps him make the "fibbies" look bad, it brings pleasure to his heart.

CLINT EASTWOOD, FBI Special Agent in Charge (SAC), Chief of the Austin's Field Office

Born in Boston served in the Army with Robert Redford. They have never been friends, while stationed in Europe they fell in love with the same girl, but she married Robert. Since that moment he has held a grudge against him. He considers him responsible for her death even though she died from a heart attack. He had the chance to live anywhere in the US, but due to his platonic love for Robert's wife, Susan, he asked to be transferred to Austin to be close to her. He never got married. Robert always rejected his friendship, because he didn't want him close to his family. That made Clint angry and since he moved to Austin he tried to prove to everyone he was better than Robert. Now that Susan is gone the only feeling left is hatred.

He enjoys taking Robert's cases, standing in front of the media a tell the public that the FBI is there to protect them.

Texans are very proud and don't like strangers to come and tell them they are better than the sons of the big state of Texas, that's why people, in general, dislike him and defend the Rangers.

Rangers and the FBI don't have a good relationship. Clint calls Robert "punk" and Robert calls Clint "jerk" and of course, he never ceases to condescendingly refer to the FBI agents as "fibbies". They are sworn enemies!


Son of Alexander Rae Baldwin II, a very influential Congressman, and older brother of William. He comes from a wealthy family.

Thanks to his hard work and with a little help of his family name he became the youngest Deputy Director of the FBI. His former partner, Andy Garcia, is the Director of the FBI. They are good friends. They still look after each other's back.

He is very ambitious, and arrogant, but he is also very professional and righteous. He usually cleans his younger brother's mess but he thinks he is a burden. All his brother's accomplishments including his promotions are thanks to Alec's help.

In part, he helps his brother for his own benefit. He has political ambitions and William's messy life is an obstacle on his way to the Oval Office.

MORGAN FREEMAN M.D., Chief of the Forensic Department in the FBI Washington DC Field Office

Good friends with John. He thinks William is an arrogant good for nothing.

Very proficient in his work. He runs the forensic lab and loves working with John because he is into details and doesn't mind spending hours in the lab listening to every little aspect of the autopsies or tests while other agents just want a brief description.

He is a loner, nobody knows anything about his personal life. Of course, in his files, it is everything the FBI has to know but he has a golden rule: family business stays at home and work stays in the lab.

He has a vital role in John's revenge for William's betrayal

JAMES SPADER, District Attorney (DA) Washington DC

Born in a working-class family, James had to study and work hard to make his way in life. He doesn't like favors because he says there are no free meals and he doesn't want to compromise his integrity. He met John in court when he testified in a case James prosecuted. They became friends from the moment they met. When John is not working undercover they meet to have drinks.

In James's opinion John is a dream come true for any prosecutor, he delivers all the evidence needed to have a strong case against criminals.

James never got along with William, he thinks he is a prick. He knows the Baldwins well and how he got his current post. As a self-made man, he abhors people who use their family influence to get promoted. He thinks he is a freeloader and incompetent. But what bothers him the most as a friend who cares for John is the fact that William is a deadweight for John. John does most of the hard work and only William gets promoted.

He has an important role in John's revenge for William's betrayal.

KEANU "K" CHARLES REEVES, Texas Trooper Captain

His parents went on honeymoon to Hawaii and when they had their first child they named him Keanu. No need to say he uses his second name. Keanu does not sound very Texan, and he always had to explain the reason for his name so he decided to stop using it.

He is one of John's best friends. He is part of the "gang": Charles, Sean, Jeffrey, John, and David. They've known each other since elementary school.

They used to practice baseball with Robert Redford and his son, David.

Charles and John joined the Troopers together when John left the army. They admired Robert Redford and wanted to be just like him, a law enforcer. When John joined the Rangers, he decided to remain with the Troopers. He's always been the brain of the group. It was his idea to create "the Texan League of Justice" (Robert and John as Rangers, Sean as a DA, and he as a Trooper). He thinks that if he remained with the Troopers while John became a Ranger they could still work together more efficiently and cooperate with each other. When John left town he went on cooperating with the Rangers due to his friendship with Robert.

He is a very quiet, sensitive person. His subordinates like and respect him because he is a fair Chief.

He is married with kids.

Something he learned from Robert is to hate the fibbies. He considers that instead of helping, they just get in the way every time they interfere in their cases. Of course, John is an exception although he is very disappointed with John for joining the fibbies.

SEAN PATRICK FLANNERY, DA (District Attorney) Austin, Texas

John's childhood friend. Member of "Texan League of Justice".

Easy going, behind the righteous facade there's a very goofy guy. He enjoys hanging out with his friends. He is married to Charles' little sister.

When he was young he learned about a criminal who got Scot free and he decided to become a prosecutor. When Charles told him about founding "the Texan League of Justice", he was thrilled. Despite the fact of working in different fields of public service they could still work together as a team. Of course as the goofy one in the group of friends and an avid comic book reader, he initially thought they should have costumes, but Charles and John told him they already had their costumes (their uniforms) he felt this was unfair he had to use a boring suit. He is a loveable fellow and everyone who knows him, loves him. But in court he is ruthless.

KARL URBAN, FBI Special Agent, Austin Field Office

Arrogant, snob, a real major pain, hard to work with, stubborn, with an air of superiority, proud. Born and educated in Boston. He is Clint Eastwood's new pet agent. Clint sees potential in him and he takes him under his wing. He thinks his annoying attitude is just what he needs to piss off Chief Redford.

Karl likes the attention he gets from Clint, after all, he is a legend in the FBI, and having him as a mentor will push his career in the right direction. He doesn't care about the Texas law enforcement agencies; he thinks the FBI is the best agency in the country. Karl's attitude will clash with Texan tough agents.

When he meets John, they have a rough start. John won't let any jerk disrespect Robert.

JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN, former Navy Special Task Forces, bar owner, volunteer firefighter

After high school, he, David, and John joined the army and they trained hard to become Green Berets, just like Rambo. They loved that movie! To Jeffrey, the army was a way of getting a better education and going to exotic countries while to John it was a way of getting enough money to provide for his wife and the child they were expecting.

They were very passionate about being in the army and trained hard while they got a higher education. Then they split when Jeffrey was sent to an undisclosed country for a special task op while John decided to quit the army and join the troopers to have a steadier job.

After some years and some well-deserved promotions and medals, he decided to settle down. He got married and inherited his father's bar. His father had been a retired trooper so it was mostly a police bar but the atmosphere in the place was jolly so it was visited by rangers, firefighters and some people working at court too.

But he just cannot be quiet that's why he became a volunteer firefighter.

He has a happy married life with two children, a boy, and a girl. He takes his son to Redford's to practice baseball.

AMY LOU ADAMS DEPP, John Depp's wife and high school sweetheart

Former Miss Austin USA. She also took part in other beauty pageants during her youth such as The Regency International Pageant in Austin, Teen, and Miss Division, Winning both and becoming Miss Teen Regency and International Miss Regency. She hates Texas with all her heart and always wanted to go to a more sophisticated city and marry an important man. She is self-centered, selfish, conceited, and spoiled. She believes herself to be the center of the universe and doesn't feel empathy for anyone. For her, the end justifies the means. She is willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants no matter who she hurts.

When she was a freshman girl she met John who was a Senior and a very good baseball player. She hoped John could be recruited by an important baseball team but after high school, John joined the army so he could provide for his family and then the Troopers. Needless to say, she didn't like the idea. But since John decided to follow his education at Texas University she thought she could still persuade him to follow a professional baseball career. When she was a senior in high school John escorted her to the prom. That night she got pregnant. They married. Unfortunately, she has a miscarriage. He finished his education, became a trooper, and later was selected to join the Rangers.

He was doing great in his profession she never wanted to study a career. She was a very unhappy housewife. When she learned that John was offered a position in the FBI office in Washington DC, she tortured him until he accepted.

She was only interested in joining the high society of Washington.

John loved her a lot, he worked long hours. When he was home she tortured him for not giving her the life she wanted and complained constantly about his undercover work. But it was that job that allowed her to buy dresses, spend hours at the beauty salon, and pay for a maid so she didn't have to do anything at home. John treated her like a queen but for her, it was never enough. For her John was just a stepping stone to a better life.

DONALD AND KEIFFER SUTHERLAND, Members of the Aryan Circle, the second largest White Supremacist gang based primary in Texas

Both father and son have been in prison several times. Donald was a member of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas (ABT) but he was kicked off. In prison, they became members of the Aryan Circle (AC).

Donald despises his son and treats him cruelly.

Keiffer wants so desperately to get his father's affection. His mother left when he was a child or so he was told. He thinks his father blames for his mother abandoning them. Before his mother left, Donald was a good father, he taught him how to shoot and hunt, they played together and he even took him to the ABT meetings. After his mother left, things changed drastically. His father was expelled from the Brotherhood, he was always in a foul mood and beat the crap out of Keiffer.

Keiffer grew up in a violent environment, soon he became a young delinquent and did anything he could to get his father's attention and make him proud. But nothing he did could make them bond.

On the other hand, Donald had a secret, a very well-kept secret. After a car accident, he ended up crippled in a wheelchair. One night he had a fever and he revealed part of his secret to Keiffer. Soon Keiffer understood what he had to do to make his father proud. He decided to follow his father's steps and take his doings to a new and dangerous level.

* Special Agents in the Cold Case Department, Washington DC

John Leguizamo, Ellen DeGeneres, Christian Bale, Benicio Del Toro, Ashley Judd, Halle Berry, Robert Downey Jr., Shemar Moore.

* New Agents Recently Assigned to the Cold Case Department, Washington DC

Agents: Ireland Baldwin, Zachary Efron. Special Agents: Jason Priestley, Shawn Wayans, Rosario Dawson, Benjamin Bratt, Eva Mendes.

* Retired Special Agents working Ad Honorem in the Cold Case Department, Washington DC

Alfredo Pacino, Robert De Niro, Alfred Molina, John Malkovich, Willem Dafoe, Christopher Walken, Anjelica Huston, Joe Mantegna.

FBI Director

Andres Arturo Garcia

Alec Baldwin's Assistant

Linda Evans

Cold Case Department Receptionist

Portia de Rossi

Other FBI Special Agents, Washington DC

Kevin Bacon

Metropolitan Police Department Chief, Washington DC

Denzel Washington

Metropolitan Police Department former Homicide Detective

Michael J Fox

Texas Governor

Lloyd Vernet "Beau" Bridges III

Austin Mayor

Jeffrey Leon Bridges

* Jesse Stone is the lead character in a series of detective novels by Robert B. Parker. They were among his last works. The series consists of 9 books which have been adapted into 9 TV films starring Tom Selleck.

The first eight films were commissioned by CBS and aired from 2005 to 2012. A ninth film was picked up by Hallmark Channel in 2015. A tenth film was under consideration in 2017.

Jesse Stone (Tom Selleck) is the police chief of a small town named Paradise. He is a widower and a recovering alcoholic, and he's just trying to do his job. This is, by far, one of the best roles Tom Selleck has ever played.

These films include:

* Stone Cold (2005)

* Jesse Stone: Night Passage (2006)

*Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise (2006)

*Jesse Stone: Sea Change (2007)

*Jesse Stone: Thin Ice (2009)

*Jesse Stone: No Remorse (2010)

*Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (2011)

*Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt (2012)

*Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise (2015)

I highly recommend reading the books or watching the movies. You won't regret it. Tell me if you think Jesse Stone could interact with John Depp to solve a case in Book VI. Maybe a serial killer in Paradise never got caught, and now is in Austin. A serial killer with the same modus operandi appears; John must consult Jesse about the old cases in Paradise... I leave it up to you!

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John Depp, Special Agent
John Depp, Special Agent

This universe is dedicated to the series of book. "John Depp: Special Agent" This is the story of Special Agent of the FBI John Depp, former Green Beret, Texas Trooper and Texas Ranger. Book 1: Deadly Pride Book 2: Saints and Sinners Book 3: Black Mass Book 4: You Reap What You Sow Book 5: To Serve and Protect Leia mais sobre John Depp, Special Agent.