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Watch and witness Joshlen's life, has she witness Love, drama. Broken hearts and mysteries

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Those are some weird looking eggs

Joshlen was getting her school bag ready, she had gotten her pink flower notebook and her purple pencil. As she was putting her stuff in her light blue cloud school bag, her mother called her from downstairs. “Joshlen,” she yelled, “make sure to stop by your grandma’s house after school.” Joshlen ran to her room door, “ok mom,” she yelled then went back to putting her stuff in her school bag. Now all that was left getting her school outfit out, which wasn’t hard for her since she always had good stuff to wear. Joshlen laid her clothes out the foot of her bed, she had gotten some black sweater since it was fall, and had gotten some white dress pants with black flowers on them. She had gotten her butterfly converse and butterfly earrings and butterfly necklace. Joshlen was going for a butterfly outfit.

After Joshlen put her school outfit on she walked downstairs and into her modern looking kitchen, her mom had fixed her lunch and set her skateboard by the front door. Joshlen loved to skateboard, “ok mom, i’m off.” But before she could leave. Her mom grabbed her hand, turned her over, grabbed her face with both of her hands, and kissed her on the forehead. “Love you,” she said, “love you too,” Joshlen said, then put on her helmet and grabbed her skateboard and headed out of the house.

Joshlen lived a few blocks from her school, so she took a detour. But before she did any of that, she stopped by her best friend's house. Olive, was an artist and loved painting. He was always found outside his home getting his bike ready at 7:12 sharp. He liked to keep a schedule. "Hey Olive," she said, stopping her skateboard with her foot, Olive looked up, his neat brown hair moved only a little. He was wearing some light blue jeans, with a white that had some flowers on it. "Hey Joshlen, how's it going," he said, then he pushed on the supporter and biked out of his driveway. His family was rich, but he wasn't spoiled like his older sibling. Even though he lived in a mansion, that was 5 stories! He was happy to have a friend that wasn't in for his money.

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