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She is just a normal person who was born from a wealthy family and he is one of the youngest football star players. How did two opposite people end up falling in love with each other? Astrid Sinclair, a runaway heir and a law student. the rebellious daughter to David and Aisha Sinclair, born into both wealthy and world-wide famous parents who gave everything to her yet not even once it made her happy. Kylian Mbappé Lottin, a football star and world-wide famous player as one of PSG (PARIS SAINT-Germain) players alongside other great players. Astrid and Kylian were assigned to fake dating but what she didn't know, he was secretly loving her as his one true lover. He gave everything to her yet she never saw him as her lover, all she wanted was to be back at her own apartment in Paris with her cats. What will happen when two people fall in love in the middle of chaos? STARTED: 21 DECEMBER 2022 END: WIP (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Fanfiction Celebridades Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos.

#mbappe # #him #love #france #franch #parissaintgermain #psg #football #lovestory #oc #kylianxreader #leomessi #neymarjr #kylianmbappe
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note for reader.

This is not copy story, I own this story on Wattpad.

slow update & mostly will update first in wattpad.

wattpad: @-karlworld

best in black background and small fonts.

English is not my first language.

this is an Kylian Mbappe love story.

update will be very slow due to irl.

none of this apply to the real player, this is just a fanfic that most people would d!e to have in life 😌

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