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That's the end, isn't it?

I never thought that I would get sick of partying, at least not that early in my college time. Another night and another party, I couldn't stop before my Friends spread it all over the Campus. I wished I could just jump into my car and drive down to the ocean to see how the last spark of sunlight hits the horizon.

As soon as I spotted my friends having the time of their lives for the about 100th time this year, I forgot to think about leaving, even more when I saw her. Her wet hair was a huge mess and her face impression brutally killed all people around her before it turned slightly rose. I think I wasn't the only one who spotted her light blue bra peaking through her white and wet shirt. I hoped I was the only one for a few seconds. The terrace was filled with lots of dancing Girls I clearly wanted to avoid, so I choose the secret way over to the Pool, asking her,

"Do you need help?"

I could swear the light blush on her face came back the moment she turned around, trying to flip at me with something like,

"I don't need help."

And she did right after I tried to help her out of the water and asking her again,

"So you don't want a new and dry shirt?"

Her answer and attitude made me swallow and at the same time I was impressed of her confidence. She was different from the other girls that night. Not only that night, I never met someone like her. She left me standing right by the Pool and rushed back into the house. Until that moment I didn't even noticed the silence that surrounded me as long as we were looking at each other.

The sound came back roughly before I felt someone grabbing my ankle from below. My best friend's voice found its way to the noise up to me, and I kneeled down to listen.

"Who is that? That girl.. " She knew as much as I did, we both had no clue.

"I have no idea, Ella, never saw her at Campus..." I wasn't able to finish my sentence because another voice interrupted our conversation.

"Her name is Rena!" The guy who fell into the pool with her was getting closer. A little of his fake blue hair color traced his way behind him.

"Rena? Is that a short version of something?" The sore muscles in my thighs made me get back up again, and of course it was my luck that one of my friends walked behind me with his hands full of beer bottles. Just one blink later I was covered in that sticky and bad smelling substance and the ground around our feet had a mosaic of broken glass.

My whole soul was screaming for a shower or even better a long bath, away from the noise and drunk people. Hot water would for sure help with my sore muscles too. I was trying my best to make my way inside with just a few interruptions of them asking what happened. I left my room door open because I would lock the door to the bathroom anyway. The clothes I was wearing for college this morning was still on my bed where I left it some hours before.

With my head underwater, all sounds were gone, and also my thighs seemed to relax for the first time today. Sometimes I wondered if there are souls out there who struggle like me with getting out of the bathtub again. I could stay in it for hours, just do nothing.

I had to get out at one point and when I was drying off myself and wrapped the towel around my hips I surely heard something from my Room. Opening the Door slowly, I was stunned to see her standing beside my bed with her arms wrapped around my shirt. The naked skin of her back was only covered by the light blue bra now. I caught myself biting my lip while my eyes were wandering from her beautiful neck down to the part where her pants started, She was so pure, her skin, her name, the way her breathing changed when she noticed she isn't alone anymore. The way she was holding my shirt must have mixed our scents by now. I didn't know the next question could change so much, but I asked,

"So you want my shirt now?"

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DR - Skye I'm a 23 year old guy, from Brooklyn, NY. Writing was always a way of escaping since I was young. Don't be scared to like, comment or review my stories! You can also DM me on Instagram @myda.rkparadise Love and Peace

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Michael Nichols Michael Nichols
I like this one. Its strangely familiar, like I have been therein before. Keep it up.
February 10, 2023, 17:21