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In a inner city full of crime drugs and chaos. An aspiring highschool basketball star is trying to make a way out of poverty with his talent. With a good hard working single father in his corner pushing him it seems destine for him to be great .But in a city full of vultures drugs and peer pressure he's struggling trying to stay focused on his dreams.

Crime Para maiores de 18 apenas.

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Tough Times

I woke up early on a Monday morning to my father yelling at me. Josh get your ass up and get ready for school. I can hear him pacing back and forth getting his self ready for work. the sun was shining bright threw my blinds. As I rubbed sleep out the corner of my eyes I knew today was gonna be a long day.

He came back into my room yelling our plans for the day. "after school I'll be picking you up and taking you to basketball practice" Ok I yelled back annoyed and still sleepy. he came back in the room even louder BOY who are you yelling at he asked? I smacked my lips "nobody man" smh. My name not man you either call me dad or Author you got it son? Yes Author I got it.

My dad was really going through hard times at this point my mom and his wife died from cancer 6months ago. So yea we're both emotional and very short tempered lately. as I head to the shower I blasted my radio as "Dear Mama" by 2pac blares out the speaker. My dad usually yells for me to turn that shit down. But since that's his generation of music and knowing that I was mouring over my mother he just looked at me and shook his head as he put on his shoes. Headed for the door I grabbed my basketball this was my ticket out of the ghetto I had skills and in my eyes I was the best in the city. My dad grabbed his car keys and pistol. We lived in a rough neighborhood in southwest Detroit so having protection was a plus around here. He yelled one more time come on I'm ready.

I have to pick up Noah on the way he said. Noah is his nephew and my favorite cousin. Ok I said as I put my headphones in and scrolled through Instagram. He drove around a couple of blocks and stoped to talk to one of his homeboy's Big Mike.

Mike was the man in the hood a well known drug dealer and criminal. He stepped out the car and started talking to Mike while smoking weed. Im glad he's out the car smoking because I hated the smell. The conversation looked normal until I can see my dad facial expression change from a smile to a frown.

So I cracked my window to be nosey. I can hear my dad saying "I'm gonna get you your fucking money man just give me a minute". I seen Mike look over to the car I turned my head real quickly. Mike walked closer to the car "What's up J you been working on that jump shot" he said smiling. I said back smiling yup I think my jumper better than Steph Curry now lol.

He said ok keep up the good work nephew. Him and my dad slap five as my dad headed back to the car. My dad got back in the car and pulled off he looked real frustrated so I asked what was that all about, you good? he shook his head and said son I'm gonna keep it real with you. Every since Megan died it's been hard financially paying for a funeral paying this mortgage plus lights gas and a car note. I needed help so I took a loan from Mike and It felt like a good idea at the time but this mother fucker hounding me to pay it back. I asked him well you think your gonna be able to pay it back? He just smiled and said son your old man a triple OG and hustler I'm gonna figure it out. ijust laughed and put back in my headphones.

We pulled up to my aunt house to pick up Noah. As the car cut off me and my dad both heard what sounded like arguing coming from inside. My dad was really protective over his little sister and nephew he pulled out his pistol and said what the hell she got going on today. Even though he loved his sister he knew she was a prostitute and drug addict but he still loved and protected her no matter what.

A guy came out zipping up his pants in a hurry while my aunt April was yelling mother fucker you not leaving with out paying me. the man was startled when he seen my dad walking up with his gun drawn. He Quickly started explaining himself "man she tried to steal my money I don't want any problem's. My dad walked the guy to his car talking to him . I can see the man hand my dad money than pulled off in a hurry tire's screaming and burning rubber he was odviosly scared to death.

My dad walked in the house and slammed $500 on the table. He yelled at aunt April "here I told you keep that crap away from my nephew". aunt April yelled back "fuck you Author you don't pay any bills around here" as she walked to her room smoking her cigarette. Noah came scrolling from the bathroom what's up J he said as he gave me a dap. Come on y'all my dad said before I be late for work!!

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Ronn Riley Hi I'm an aspiring story writer song writer & musician.. from Detroit mi. In hopes of writing great story's poems music and screenplays that are timeless!!! That's all folks !!! 👍👍

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