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Dark Side

I was roused by a splash of cold water on my face. I could feel that my hair and pillow were drenched too. Perhaps he had spilled a basin of water on me. It had even gotten into my nose, and I snorted. My brother had surely made an effort to raise my blood pressure. He had taken his prank to another level, and sadly, he had succeeded this time. I took a deep breath, squeezed my eyes shut, and then beads of water stung my eyes as I opened them forcefully. However, I saw nothing but darkness in my room. I squinted my eyes, hoping to make out even just a little bit of light or any outline of something, but I failed. It was nothing but pitch-black. Suddenly, I felt restricted. I couldn't move! I realized that I was probably tied up like a mummy, from my shoulders to my feet. I didn't know exactly what I was wrapped in, but I was sure it was a fabric, my guess would be my blanket.

My nose flared as my rage began to turmoil. I was an idiot. How could I let this happen to me? Once I got loose, I would certainly get my revenge, harsher than he could ever imagine. I heaved an exasperated sigh. "If you think this is funny, you're mistaken, David. This is not funny at all! Release me at once!"

I shouted several times, but the only response I received was silence. I struggled many times but only felt exhaustion throughout my body. I even faked a cry, but he didn't give in, only responding with silence.

Panic kicked off throughout my system. My breathing became labored, and I broke out in a cold sweat on my forehead and all over my wrapped body. "David," I paused. I didn't expect my voice to be shaky, so I took a gulp and a deep breath before continuing. "I know you are there. Don't make me angrier. Release me now. I swear I'll be a good little sister to you. Just unwrap me now, but if you don't want to, at least turn on the light."

Suddenly, I heard someone laughing. However, it didn't sound like my brother. Surely, my brother would never laugh like an old evil witch. My heartbeat quickened as I made an effort to move further away from the source of the voice. "W-who's there?"

My head flicked as every corner of my room was lit by some candles I didn't know were there before. I hadn't placed them there. That was when I knew I must be in a dream and having a nightmare, though it was vivid and felt real. As soon as I turned my gaze to where I assumed the witch was, my eyes widened in surprise. I gasped when her face was only a few centimeters away from mine. She then lunged at me and jumped on my bed, sitting on my stomach. I took deliberate shallow breaths, shaking my head and crying, begging for her to spare me.

The witch looked familiar, oddly familiar, as I studied her face. Strangely, she looked somewhat like me but with exaggerated features. Big blue eyes with deep and dark circles under them, a long pointed nose, thin and straight pale lips, and uncombed frizzy hair. She was wearing a black loose dress, long enough to cover her knees.

The witch began to laugh again and caressed my face with her long dirty nails. I followed her fingers as she traced my temple to my jaw until both of her hands reached my neck. Tears streamed down my temple as I sobbed quietly. My nose was now clogged, so I breathed through my mouth, which was hard, especially when she was on top of me and I was restricted. It turned out I was right; I was wrapped in my blanket.

Slowly, I could feel her fingers embracing my neck, but before she could strangle me, I needed to know what was happening and who she was.

Summoning my courage, I asked with a trembling voice, "Who are you?"

She scratched her head profusely. "I am you."

I let out a nervous laugh. I wasn't surprised to hear that, but I was hoping she would've said otherwise. "How am I you?"

She chortled as she threw her head back, then widened her eyes at me, which made me frightened. "I am the dark side of you, Diane. I am your rage, despair, sadness, insecurities, fear, guilt, and all your negative emotions. You created me, Diane. It is your wish to die."

My voice cracked as I screamed, "No!"

My chest heaved as I struggled for breath. "I do not wish to die! If you are the dark side of me, then I want you to go away!"

"No! Don't say that!" the witch shrieked, covering her ears with both hands. Her voice sounded as if there were three voices, high, normal, and deep.

I was freaking scared right now, but I decided to go on. "Now that I have come to this point, I realize that I don't want to die!"

Then, she started screaming, almost breaking my eardrums. It seemed like she was in pain. I noticed smoke emitting from her skin as if she was burning. This was my chance!

I shut my eyes and shouted, "I now know that when you're on the verge of dying, that's when you truly realize that you want to live, so I refuse to die!"

Abruptly, the ringing in my ears stopped. My eyes snapped open, and I gasped.

"Thank God, you're back!" said my brother, who was by my side, holding my hand and crying helplessly.

Oh, right. I was lying on a hospital bed.

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