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A mysterious curse forced lycanthropy on the humans of the world without a werewolf bloodline and caused the end of humanity. Follow the Marked brother and sister Desmond and Julie Ann Natural born werewolves.A human boy named Keith who somehow survived the curse, as they roam the savage planet that is now infested with ravenous werewolves known as ferals. On their travels, they slowly start to unravel the truth behind the end of the world and many family secrets.

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Prologue: Naturally Unnatural

In the early 1970s, the world was introduced to the fact that werewolves were no myth. They were just as real as the sun and moon.

When they first made their existence publicly known, not only was there mass hysteria but also regulations. Families with bloodlines connected to werewolves were looked at first, all family history and family trees were documented. They did the best they could to show that they weren't the ravenous beasts that horror movies made them out to be. They were more than generous to give out any and all information involving werewolves. That being said, there is always the minority. Not all bloodlines were keen to the idea of being nationally registered. Fear of abuse and hunting off their kin was a healthy fear to have. With registration of bloodlines came markings, much like other animals in the wild that have been tagged for documentation, birds getting a band or fish getting clips.

Wolf children physically aged quicker and when they reached the size they would stay for the rest of their lives, they received tattoos. Full-body tattoos, all with a special blue ink, so they could be easily identified and couldn't easily be covered up. Each tattoo was different in some way, almost like a barcode, many looked similar, but no two were exactly the same.

In the beginning it went just about as expected, as with anything political. Whether or not they had rights, if they could vote. Most obviously, would they harm anyone? Originally, they were separated and given specific reservations in which they were allowed to reside. The werewolves quickly proved themselves, clean records across the board and no slip ups allowed them to quickly blend with society and operate just like everyone else. It wasn't uncommon to have an office job with one or to bump into one at the bank, they were just like everyone else, aside from the obvious.

Unfortunately, with their publicity came the racist. The ones who acted like the world needed to be free of werewolves, even though they went most of their lives thinking they were simply myth. First came the silver crucifixions. Where they were kidnapping werewolves and pinning them up with silver spikes and crowns of wolfsbane. These events were hard to ignore, yet the wolf people stayed strong and didn't react. That is until they started kidnapping young pups, not even old enough to be marked yet. Keeping them in dark rooms and forcing simulated moonlight on them, triggering their transformations, and then quickly exposing them to sunlight to force them back. Something, that at that age was incredibly painful, like having your bones smashed with a sledgehammer and then rearranged inside of you and put back together again. If that wasn't enough they began to film and broadcast the torture rituals, it all ended with the live execution of a young werewolf. This was finally enough for the “purebloods” they called themselves, the werewolves who didn't agree with the marking of bloodlines. They rose from the shadows in which they stayed for so long and sought revenge on those racists. Soon after came the Civil War between the Marked and the Purebloods.

A civil war that some say never truly ended. The purebloods simply faded away, because of this many assumed them wiped out.

The excitement of the existence of werewolves slowly died down, and the world returned to normal. That is, until the rise of the Day Moon.

March 23, 2009. 4:42 pm. On this day, the sun was high in the sky and there were minimal clouds. The air still carried with it the last remaining chill of the past winter. The day was just like any other, when slowly, the moon began to shift high into the sky. It dod not bring darkness with it and it did not block out the sun.

Instead it shared the sky with the sun, and when it reached its intended location. The world as everyone knew it, ended.

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