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Sage Miller had an almost normal life, at least until she turned 16. Sage finds that a world she didn't even know existed is on the brink of danger, and that she plays a bigger role in that life than in her normal one. Jake Willison has a normal life, at least as normal as being a werewolf can get. Being the soon-to-be Alpha has put a lot of pressure on Jake's shoulders, but he soon finds that he is not alone. He meets his mate and together they have to stop the threat to werewolf kind. Will Sage except her new fate? Will Sage and Jake's relationship blossom? What will happen to the werewolf world?

#6 em Ficção adolescente Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos.

#romance #fantasy #love #werewolf #magic #powers #teens #action #wolves #mates
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Important Things To Know

Pack Hierarchy

Alpha- Highest rank. The male leader of the pack. The only one equal to him is the Luna.

Luna- Also highest rank. The female leader of the pack. The only one equal to her is the Alpha.

Beta- The Alpha’s right hand man; rank is immediately below the Alpha and they are to step in as Alpha when the Alpha pair are unavailable.

Gamma- Third in command. They are to step in as Alpha when both the Alpha pair and the Beta pair are unavailable.

Elders- Usually the former Alphas and Lunas. Also rank high as they have experience and deserve respect.

Pack Doctor- The healer in the pack, as werewolves cannot go to human hospitals and doctors.

Enforcers- The warriors; the fighters. Males and females (without young children) and always at the front of the army in an attack/raid; directly behind the Alpha.

Trackers- Have the best sense of smell. Can find just about anything if they put their minds to it. Situated just behind the enforcers and are well trained to fight as well.

Lookouts- Pretty self-explanatory. They warn the pack of danger and fight only when needed.

Peacemakers- Usually one per pack. They keep the peace in the pack by breaking up fights. Personality is very mellow.

Omegas- Lowest ranking wolves. They eat last and they are the punching bags of the pack. You don’t want to be an omega.

Note: In my books, the alpha rank is hereditary, not random. The first born of the Alpha becomes the next Alpha when they turn eighteen. Same with Betas and Gammas. However, the peacemaker, the enforcers, and the lookouts are picked by the elders. Sometimes the Alpha’s youngest will become a peacemaker, depending on what the elders think is best.

Important Terms

Moon Goddess- The one the werewolves worship. She created the werewolf race and she is who they pray to and who guides them through life. Sometimes she appears to some in dreams.

Shifting- The term used when they turn into their wolves. The first shift is painful, but after that it becomes a second nature. Also, wolves are naked after they turn back to their human forms.

Mate- Short for soulmate. The Moon Goddess destined every wolf with another wolf or human. She did it to make sure her race continues to reproduce. Wolves are able to start looking for their mates as soon as they hit sixteen years of age.

Pack- Simple: like the wild wolves, werewolves live in packs. Often the pack house is a mansion, as werewolves accumulate money because they live longer than humans.

Aging- In my books, werewolves age one year every ten years once they turn eighteen.

Pups- What kids are called until they turn sixteen and shift.

Rogues- Sometimes they’re alone and sometimes there’s a pack of them. Sometimes they’re evil and sometimes they’re just wolves without a pack. Evil ones have grey mangy pelts with red eyes.

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