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Things are spicing up in Crescent high with Kristen's entry. Her fate seems to intercross with that of Marc's, the popular playboy of town. Will their meeting end up enhancing the good in her or destruct her?

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New school

A/N: Guys this is my first book. So tolerate my mistakes. Hope you enjoy it.
Continue reading to know what happens.
Above is the picture of Kristen.

Note: not edited

Kristen's POV

Buzz. Buzz. I snoozed the alarm clock. Finally I get to move out of the place I hated the most now. I start school at Crescent high school next week. The school is located in a different town, so, I am moving into the school dorm.
I love my parents, I don't want to leave them, but I want to get out of the town very badly.

I was so much lost in thought that I hadn't noticed that I have been staring out of the window at the tree.

Finally I got off the bed and stretched. I went inside and had a hot shower.

I started packing my things into my blue suitcase. I packed the necessary things that I might need during the travel in my purse. "Kristen breakfast is ready!!"My mom called out.

My mom had red hair and blue eyes. She was still a beauty for her age. Being thirty five, never once has she complained about household work.

She decided to leave her job once I was born to spend time with me.

My mom loved me lot. She always shared her thoughts with me. But , I was never able to share my thoughts or feelings or things about what was happening in my life. Hope I could do that one day.

After making sure I had packed everything, I went down for breakfast.

My parents and sister were already sitting on the table when I came in.

My mom's mascara was slightly smudged. Her eyes were swollen and red. There were traces of tears in her cheeks. It was evident that she has been crying all night and even in the morning.

My dad was sitting on left and my sister on my right.

Dad's brown hair was starting to get paler. Maybe too much tension from work and worries about us. His jaws were clenched throughout the breakfast.

When I was halfway through the breakfast, Mom asked, "Are you sure you want to do this? We can still get you an admission in a nearby school." sniffing.

"Mom we talked this over already. I'm going.", I said, with that I finished my breakfast and placed my plate in the dish washer.

My sister and I spent some time together. She had brown hair from our father while I had red hair from our mom. She had hazel eyes while I had green eyes. At twelve noon, finally my cab arrived. I hugged my sister and said our goodbyes. My mom hugged me and held me tight before letting me go.

Finally, dad came up ," Always remember that we love you no matter what. Have a safe journey.", he kissed my forehead and hugged me. There were tears threatening to come out of his eyes.

After my goodbyes I finally left.

It is going to be a fresh start this year.

New school. New life. New me..

Crescent high school, I'm coming for you.

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