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A story of a drug addicted girl fighting herself and mental illness, but what got her to this point? What kind of pain did she have to feel? How much did she have to lose? To end up so lost and broken? Let me show you what Broken really looks like. An autobiography turned into an epic story of my life...

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She feels a rush and tingle through her body as she pushes the needle into her veins. It leaves her breathless, but it's something she's come to love. It's something she never thought she'd be. When did her world become so unbearable that she had to become everything she hated? Everything she swore she'd never be? The pain became too much, and reality was something she feared. The guilt she feels every day, the embarrassment - she just had to make it all go away, become numb. Crystal meth has become her best friend and worst enemy. She can feel the poison running through her, into her brain and heart. The burn it gives speaks for itself, but there's nothing else that could help her not feel anymore.

She looks at herself in the mirror, track marks on her arms and hands. You know she used to be beautiful. She once had a smile that was so bright and a heart of pure gold. She was a mother, she had dreams and ambition. But now all that's left is who she once was. Let me take you through a journey of a girl who suffered so much pain in her life let me show you what broken really looks like.

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J A Allison J A Allison
A feeling of nostalgia that I don’t miss…
August 08, 2023, 07:01
Arthur Lake Arthur Lake
Really. Sends me back nicely written 👍
March 18, 2023, 02:41

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