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After the exile, Callie and her brother returned. People may begin to wonder if she is the lost daughter of the Devil as a result of her reappearance. She now gets a second chance to disprove the horrifying act that others think she committed.

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The Begginning

Haa... She came back. "Silas's daughter is back."

People were running, screaming, and repeating that. Some people were coming with their limbs missing. They are all scared. The guard of Sable Castle was alerted to the situation. The guard rushes over to the king. Silas Maynard is the king of the Dark Valley. He was in the bedroom, sleeping. Silas has three sons and a daughter. Four boys are living with him in the castle, and one boy and a girl were exiled Five year ago. Silas' two sons, Xandros and Lazlo, are away on a mission. Marcellus and Dario come out of their rooms with their wives. They went to the balcony because the screaming outside the palace caught their attention. As they were looking down, they saw a raven army start flying over the palace. The Raven Army are soldiers who can fly in the sky. Each soldier has wings.

Why is everyone in a panic? What is causing the chaos? "I am not feeling well," Sage says to them. "Sage, as the wife of Marcellus, tries to warn them."

Dario queries, "I believe the fight has resumed, what they are talking about who is back."

In the meantime, something flying along the balcony comes inside the castle. It drops to the floor. He is one of the soldiers in the Raven Army who has one wing that is badly ripped. Everyone on the balcony runs toward the soldier.

Who did this to you? "To the soldier?" Dario asks. "

Ahhh.... ahhh... The soldier is barely breathing because he has lost a lot of blood. He tries to talk, but the soldier has a wound on his neck where he is bleeding too excessively. He takes a deep breath and blood comes out of his neck. A minute later, he died in Sage's arms. The soldier died without telling them anything.

Dario closes his eyes. Meanwhile, a man walks up to them. They all stand straight in the queue with their heads down. They are showing respect. The man was furious. He started pacing in front of them.

What happened? Why is he here on the ground? "Angry," "Silas" yells, and, in the next movement, he grabs Dario's neck and squeezes it tightly. Silas's fangs are out and trying to asphyxiate him. Dario also takes out the fangs and tries to unseat himself, but he cannot compete with Silas. Dario was not that strong. On the other hand, Silas was the most powerful vampire. Ada is Dario's girlfriend, and she tries to help Dario, but she gets shoved to the balcony by the Silas. She runs back to Silas with full force, but Silas again shoves her to the wall, and because of that, the wall collapses. Ade is buried under the rubble, and Silas drops Dario to the ground.

"If anyone wants to try," Silas asks.

No,' sir', tell me how I can help. " Marcellus asked his father.

Just go there and find out what is going on there. " Silas screams. The scream is too loud, and people around the Dark Valley hear it, which scares them.

Sage walks back to her room. Silas walks off. Dario and Ada remain there. Marcellus runs up the Atenra. As he arrives there, he is shocked by the scene. The limbs were everywhere. There is blood on the ground. The Raven army soldier was severely injured.

He slowly walked to Atenra, still hearing the screams that were coming from there. As he arrived at Atenra, he saw Callie standing with the head of a raven soldier in her hand. The blood was dripping from Callie's mouth. Marcellus stands in front of her.

Callie is Marcellus's sister. While standing on the ground, she was not alone. Her brother, Jaylen, was at her side. Jaylen was an outcast because he was part of Raven's army before the exile. Marcellus asks the army to retrieve and send the fresh soldiers to Atenra to fight.

Callie drops the heads to the ground. She takes one step back. Jaylen and Callie stand beside each other. They held each other's hands.

We are not here to fight. They attacked us. We do not have a choice except to defend ourselves. You must believe us, "to Marcellus," Callie says.

If you are coming in pieces, why are we standing here over the mass you have created? I was going to surrender, but they said they would take my body instead. Callie says. You know, I always kill with charm. "

Fine, if you are telling the truth, then do what you were previously planning to do. "Surrender and I'll spare your life," Marcellus says.

Jaylan and Callie look into each other's eyes and go to attack Marcellus. Meanwhile, a man stands between them. All the soldiers present in Atenra get down on their knees and bow to him, along with Callie, Jaylen, and Marcellus.

Who wants to fight? " Silas yells.

No one responded to this question. There was a dead silence at Atena. Everybody was sitting there on their knees with their heads down, and no one had the courage to look up at the king. Silas runs up to Callie, grabs her by the neck, and hangs her up. Callie was struggling, and Jaylen stood up.

What are you doing? You are killing her? Just let her go "to Silas," Jaylen says.

Silas drops his sister to the ground and looks at Jaylen. Maykel and Treyton take them to prison. Just make sure they are treated well tonight.

They chained Callie and Jaylen and dragged them to the castle. Maykel and Treyton are the most trustworthy people of Silas. The king trusts them more than his children. Silas is furious with the development. He does not want them to come back. He was screaming and yelling at the servants.

Callie and Jaylen were chained up in jail cells. Dario came by and went inside.

He will kill you because, after what you did to his family? You are not his princess anymore. He will make an example of you. Mark my word. He will rip you from limb to limb. The valley will hear your screams. It willhaunt us for decades. You should not have come. "

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