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A young girl goes away to Paris to find the love of her life and decides to move in with her.

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The start of a new beginning

Imagine a dream city you have always fantasised of going to. You are standing there gazing at the Eiffel Tower eclipsing all of its surroundings, but also how beautiful it must be standing underneath it with a couple of your friends or with the person you love.

My first day in Paris was the most amazing day of my life. I got to see everything there was to it and why everyone loved being there so much.

I wish all my family, friends were here with me to see how beautiful Paris really is and what the different shops and restaurants there are like and how friendly everyone is.

When I realised what time it was it was coming up to midnight. That night before going to sleep the room I would be staying in for the time I would be in Paris was so beautiful, I hadn’t seen anything like it before.

All I could think about that night when I was laying down, was about what had happened that day and how I met this very kind lady, when I got lost she came up to me and asked if I knew where I was going.

However I told her that I was new to Paris but also that I thought that Paris was the most wonderful city I have ever been to. But she gave me a tour of the most interesting places.

Her name was Emma, her face lit up when she saw me and she was so pretty. Also I told her how lovely her name was, she did to me as well.

I was so happy that I had made a friend in Paris already. I found out from my new friend Emma that Paris was the city of love because of how romantic the atmosphere was as well as all of the lights it makes it really romantic.

Emma also told me that I will be able to make friends easily because Paris has very friendly people. She said that she would introduce me to some of her friends which I am really excited for.

The next day when I woke up I didn’t realise where I was. Me and Emma did everything together, in Paris.

I was having so much fun. But however when it got dark all the beautiful lights came on which made me think about how Emma told me that Paris is the city of love it got all of us thinking about it which we all had in common which is really good for a group of girls looking for love in the city of love.

The third day into my stay in Paris was more wonderful than the first one because Emma and all her friends showed me the cathedrals which made me fall in love with them.

They also showed me the Eiffel Tower which when it’s dark it makes everything magical and you can see it sparkle, twinkle like a star in the night sky.

But these two places in Paris I didn’t even know even existed. Which made me adore Paris even more, Emma knew I would like these different places because they are all so beautiful.

We also went to the very top of the Eiffel Tower which you got to see gardens which is located on the north west side of the monument. The garden underneath me is the biggest I have ever seen and I was very lucky to have been able to go up the Eiffel Tower. Just wish everyone back home could see what I was seeing and experiencing.

When it was my last day in Paris which I am going to miss very much. I will be saying goodbye to a beautiful city, that I grew to love plus I will be leaving behind my friend Emma, who had been really nice to me when I first got to Paris.

It will be hard to say goodbye however I have to return home. Whilst packing up my bags Emma asked how about you living in Paris with me and my friends?

Everyone would love you to stay, so I said yes of course I will stay in Paris with everyone. When I went to the airport Emma gave me a card, when I sat down on the plane. I opened the card it said come back soon I will miss you I knew I would.

When I had got some of my things I was on my way back to the city of love I could believe I was really going back. I will visit my family, friends but I will also miss them like I did before when I was just in Paris for a holiday.

I put my things that I can’t live without in suitcases and put them on the plane ready to set off to Paris, the city of love I am so looking forward to going back to stay.

When I got off the plane Emma and everyone was waiting for me to get off. I ran and hugged them because I missed them so much and they missed me too.

I started saying to Emma and everyone that I am so happy that I will be able to fall in love in the city of love, which has always been my dream since I was a little girl.

We went back to Emma’s house. She said you can live in my house with me if you want to, I said yes of course I will. My friends and Emma could speak amazingly good french, I said I wish I could speak good french like all of you.

We will teach you said everyone I told them some words in French I knew, such as Hi - salut, I love - J’aime, I like - j’apprecie, I don’t like - je n’aime pas and also I hate - je deteste.

They said to me you know quite a bit of French, we will help you learn some more and also there are french classes you can go to we could come with you so we can help you pronounce the different french words if you need help.

I started to get feelings for my friend Emma but she didn't know I was trying to hide how I felt because, what if she didn't feel the same way. I didn't want to loose her as a friend

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