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There was a place called minds where every resident had battles to fight, some were lost while some where won. They battled fear and lost, they battled anger and it iberpowered them. They didn't know what else to do and then one fateful day, they seemed to get an sniper to their prayers. A little cute little demon came with fun fair, he came with shiny gifts and promised them victory; the people of the mind where elated and they relaxed in their own efforts to let the little demon fight their battles for for them. But things didn't get better in the land of the mind and people started to face even bigger battles and some of which were imaginary. This went on until one day, an ugly monster arrived and the people of the mind turned him into an outcast, if only they knew that true heroes don't come in shiny capes and glitter bombs.

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Once Upon A Phase

Once upon a phase in thelandofthehumanmind, when there were thoughts full of hopes and dreams; there lived a cute little demon called overthinking that was always there to cause troubles. Everyone never really did see it for it was at first because it was shiny and pretty. It made them feel like they had dodged a bullet. This little demon never left the mind of people of the world. His atrocities was felt far and near, by the rich and the poor. He lurked in the shadows of the mind and sprang into limelight when things seemed to be going good.

Then one day arrived an outsider called grit. Grit was a shy, silent and ugly monstrosity that loved to make big statements and always offered help . Everyone paid no attention to him, they didn’t want the ugly monster. It wasn’t pretty and didn’t look nice at all. But Grit didn’t mind all that, he would silently demolish the little tunnels that overthinking had built and would replace it with little flower shrubs called growth-mindset. No one really paid attention to grit neither did they applaud or celebrate him. Every mind was busy trying to fight the little demon that seemed to have found comfort in their space, and had deceived them.

One fateful day, grit and overthinking met. What a day that was in the history of the mind! Grit didn’t have to fight too hard to overpower overthinking, why? Well because overthinking was just a cute little demon that could actually dissappear in a poof of pink glitters.

When the battle was over, everyone in the land of the mind then knew about grit. They saw beyond the ugliness and the imperfections. They stopped seeing it as the inconsequential inconvenience that they thought was there to distract them from their battles with overthinking. They started to see him as one of them, in fact they gave him a chieftaincy title that depicted him as their hero. They would take this good tidings all over the neighboring lands to proclaim it.

And the land became peaceful from there on, all the other battles that reared their heads where defeated easily because grit had thought every habitant of the land of the mind to fight. Fear came and was destroyed. Anger came and was defeated. Doubt came and floored. Everyone in the land of the mind became their own warriors, in their own ways. Yes, the other kiths ad kins from where overthinking came still tried ti surface once in a while but they couldn’t find footing in the grounds. Eventhough some had to fight their battles longer than the other, and yes some actually lost their own battles but many actually won. Even the ones that couldn’t win on their own called on fughters stronger than them to help, or maybe summonsed grit for aid.

And there ends the story of the land of the mind.

What battles do you fight within you that you think you’d never win? What poses as a shiny gift but are actually there to derail your life’s journey? How do you cope with your mind falters and you start to think less of yourself?

Every one had inner battles that no one else can fight for them. Everyone has struggles that makes them think that they are not doing enough. But the truth is, not doing enough isn’t the problem but not doing something at all. Being consistent with acts and purposeful doings always pays off.

Even when it seems as if all the efforts isn’t yielding any tangible results, the fact that the biblical mustard seed grew into what it later became is enough. The popular saying that little drops of water makes an ocean. Not doing enough is the killer that has to be eliminated. It doesn’t matter how it gets done, and at what intensity because at the end of the day; everyone isn’t built the same.

Sometimes we may not have the strength to defeat out battles, we don’t even need to involve the whole universe to know of it. The ones we fight in our minds is actually mightier than the ones we have to physically do. Not giving up is a battle on its own and I think it is the hardest to defeat.

You are your mind, and your mind is who you are. What you make of it is Al up to you. Are you going to leave it to rot away in the sea of self doubt and procrastination or you’d summon the power of grit and start to make things happen.

This isn’t a motivational speech, it is just a story of the mind.

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