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John keeps having dreadful nightmares, however, his nightmares are not the only things he deals with.

Suspense/Mistério Para maiores de 18 apenas.

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A normal life

The dawn’s lights were hitting me directly on my face. I knew it because I barely slept yesterday. My eyes felt tired and my sight was growing dim. I couldn’t sleep well, but when I finally got some rest. The sun came to remind me that a new day has arrived.

“Damn you, sun,” I said.

I blamed the sun when I clearly was guilty. First off, I forgot to close the curtains of my window, and with the bad luck that, the sun always shows from the direction where my window is located.

While I thought about all those stuff, I finished to make my bed, likewise, I took the watch that was in the bedside table, and checked the time.

“6:00 a.m Mm, it’s still pretty early.” 

I left the watch where it was, and started to fold my bed sheets. It was a tedious work, but someone had to do it. I don’t like messy things.

I headed to the bathroom and looked at my face. Two big black bags were down around my eyes. That is a sign that I haven't slept at all. I also noticed that my beard was starting to grow, and my face seemed to say ‘I'm dead’.

“This is bad,” I said, “I can’t go to work like this.”  

Hence, I took a shaver and started to get rid of the beard, then, I took a bath.

When I was done I went to the kitchen and prepared my breakfast. –For some reason, I thought that something was missing- 

“There you are!” A voice came from behind me.

I didn’t put attention nor looking at where the voice came from. I just kept eating.

“Hey you, are you ignoring me? The voice said.

The sound of me chewing my food made echo through the kitchen. I was the only person here. So, why is a voice talking to me? -Am I crazy? –

“All right, if you don’t want to talk to me. I’m going to do something that you might regret later,” the voice said, “Remember what happened the last time.”

When those words were spoken a sharp pain run through my brain and my back started to sweat cold. There was no option, I had to talk to ‘her’.

“Ok, I get it. So, where have you been?” I said.

“Fufufu, I like when you are so obedient,” she said.


“Could it be that you are scared?” She said.

“I just want to finish my breakfast,” I said without hesitation.

“Good, then, look at me when I talk to you,” she said.

For fear that she actually could do something to me, I got up and turned around where the voice came from. There, standing in front of me, a fucking little clown was smiling at me.

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