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A one-short story about a plus size doctor getting all the love she needs. Lust and Leather is a one-shot, high heat, steamy erotica. Romance does not play a large part in this story. Explicit content, for adults only.

Erótico Para maiores de 21 anos apenas (adultos).

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Lust and Leather

Aria had never really liked her fellow neurosurgery attending, Dr. Benjamin, but the man had finally driven her to the point of no return.

His incessant complaining and whining during theater and even in front of patients in post-op, about a variety of imaginary issues with regards to her work had ended with her cussing him out in front of the surgical team.

She knew that everyone in the room agreed with her, including hospital management, but everyone put up with Christopher Benjamin BSc, MD, PhD, simply because he was one of the best surgeons they would ever hire.

Aside from Aria of course.

Aria was one of the youngest and most talented surgeons in her field, and the hospital couldn’t afford to lose her over Dr Benjamin. Aria was a woman and was a second-generation immigrant, born to Bengali parents. She knew that she wasn’t a diversity hire- her skills spoke louder than her looks ever could- but she also knew that if the hospital disciplined her for calling out an older man’s harassment, they’d be in the middle of a PR nightmare.

Her rant must have done something to shut Christopher up because he remained quiet throughout the surgery, and let Aria finish the biopsy before he closed the patient up.

She left the hospital right after her shift finished, jogging for her car which she had parked several miles away from the hospital. She tried to get as much exercise as she could, especially as she spent long periods of time standing up.

Aria wasn’t the typical female doctor.

To start with, she wasn’t a size 2.

She had always been bigger, and luckily her parents and family had never had an issue with her weight. Instead, they put all their energy into nurturing the third generation of medical professionals in their family.

She had lived a normal life, and was perfectly healthy, despite every news article out there that sobbed about overweight people.

Now, in her mid-20s, Aria was a solid size 20. Her breasts and ass were soft and heavy, and her adorable stomach curved to reveal a beautiful, luscious vulva.

Her brown skin glistened because Aria had made it a habit to slather herself with shea butter and body oil every evening. Her dark, straight shoulder length hair was bluntly cut, and complemented her chubby cheeks and gently curved jawline.

As Aria slung her backpack into the backseat of her sedan and got into, she dialed a number on her car phone, while pressing the button that turned her car on.

She gave a satisfied smile when the car thrummed into life, shivering with pleasure when the seat beneath her vibrated silently. She was sweaty after her 12-hour shift and reached up under her scrub shirt and pulled off her bra, freeing her 46E titties.

She moaned with relief as her breasts spilled out and she stretched before the person she had been calling answered.

“Hey Ari. You good?” It was Danny, her on and off boyfriend and the owner of Jinx, an adult club on the Upper East Side. The main attraction of the club was the plus size- or BBW as the patrons called them- performers, of any and all genders, while the most attractive people in Manhattan threw thousands of dollars onto the stage.

Aria delighted in performing and watching at the club and disappearing to a private suite in the club with Danny or another guest might actually calm her down.

“Who’s performing tonight?” She asked as she pulled smoothly out of her parking space and pressed down on the gas. She wanted to get home to shower and get to the club as quickly as she could.

“Well baby girl, we have a private party on tonight. I would have told you, but it’s a bunch of doctors that have hired the entire place. Private suites and all. Every single girl we got, skinny and chunky have been booked.

I didn’t wanna invite you cause I didn’t wanna expose you.”

Aria was silent for a moment as she quickly analyzed dozens of options before settling on one.

Fuck this.

“I want you to invite me. As a guest, not a performer.” She spoke calmly and smiled when Danny chuckled.

“Baby you got it. Whatever you want. I’ll see you at nine, and I want you to show me every inch of that beautiful fat ass the minute you walk in here.”

“Of course baby,’ Aria smiled excitedly, conscious of how wet her panties were, ‘You know I always give you what you want.”


Aria walked into the club just before ten. She was late but she knew Danny wouldn’t mind when he saw her.

She felt gross after work and needed time to compose herself before she went out in public. Her large, luxury shower filled her bathroom suite with steam and after she washed every inch of her body twice, Aria’s hand traveled to her pussy.

She found her clit easily and, twisting a nipple, brought herself to an intense climax. Her body shook as she moaned out loud, her voice only drowned out by the open shower taps.

Then, making sure every inch of her was scrubbed, shaved, and glowing, Aria set about looking for a dress.

It was July and New York was hotter than Satan’s asshole and she usually only wore the tiniest bra and panty set she could find underneath her clothes.

She ignored her trashiest, most revealing outfits and opted for a pale pink, ankle-length dress, with a plunging neckline.

Now, Aria took the flute of champagne that Danny handed her and surveyed the guests of the club.

“You clean up nice.” She said, looking Danny up and down. He was wearing a dark suit and blue shirt, with white sneakers and dark glasses.

Danny was one of the most handsome men she had met- and fucked- in a very long time. She knew his mom was also Bengali, while his father was from Cameroon.

He looked delicious.

“Thank you kindly darling.’ he spoke easily, affecting a lazy southern drawl, grinning at her. ‘You look particularly delicious tonight. I cannot wait to have a go after you’ve given all these guests a once over.”

The thing that Aria loved about her relationship with Danny was that there was no commitment and no feelings. They had been sleeping with each other since she moved to Manhattan several years ago and had never shared anything more than an Uber to their respective homes.

She knew that the moment either of them found a potential life partner, they were over. And neither harbored any hard feelings about it.

Aria turned then and locked eyes with a stranger across the room. Later, looking back, she’d shake her head at the cliched absurdity of the moment.

A pleasurable shiver of anticipation made Aria tremble.

He was one of the most beautiful men she had ever seen in her life.

He was tall and built like a linebacker, and the dark blue suit he wore fit snugly, just tight enough to display the breadth of his chest.

The man was white with a long red beard, hazel eyes, and a shaved head, and he wore heavy gold rings on both his hands.

Aria looked over at Danny, her thick, straight eyebrows raised.

“Who’s that? I’ve never seen him here before.”

“Ah,’ Danny looked down at the guest list on his phone. ‘Dr. Adam Blake. Cardiovascular surgeon. A Fellow at Clemency Hospital downtown, but originally from Scotland.”

“Thanks.” Aria reached up and kissed Danny’s cheek, before she made her way across the room.

She introduced herself in her usual, easy manner, and watched as his eyes roved up and down her body.

“Hi, I’m Dr. Aria Bhaduri. I’m a neurosurgeon and visiting professor over at Manhattan Presbyterian.”

The man smiled and Aria felt her panties become even wetter than they had been. He spoke with a Scottish accent.

“I’m Dr. Adam Blake. Visiting from Glasgow and not very bloody sure what’s happening in this place.”

“Anything and nothing.” Aria’s smile was flirtatious. “Whatever you want to happen, will happen. All you have to do is make a request.”

He looked her up and down again before swallowing the whiskey in his glass.

“Anything I want?”

Adam was fucking her from behind in one of the private suites twenty minutes later. They had escaped the communal room and the other guests, and Aria had led him up the stairs to the private suite she frequented regularly. She kicked off her silver high heels and turned to Adam who was pulling his own jacket and shirt off.

He groaned when she pulled the zipper of her dress down and let her silky dress slither off her body. He stepped forward, grabbing the front of her bra and pulling it. The lace and elastic came off her body, snapping, tearing, and her tits bounced heavily.

She stepped closer to him, and he placed his hands on her thick waist, stroking her curving stomach, before smoothing his hands over her ass. There was so much of her ass, and Adam leaned back slightly as he dug his fingers into her soft flesh.

Aria wasn’t going to wait for him and unzipped his pants, pulling his briefs down, and taking his dick in her hands. He flinched at her touch, looking down at her, his hazel eyes slightly glassy as she dropped to her knees.

His hands went to the top of her head almost automatically, while her mouth closed around his dick, and her free hand went between her legs.

She was as wet as he was hard, and after several moments it seemed Adam didn’t want to wait any longer because he yanked her gently by her hair and she stood, slightly dazed as he bent her over the edge of the King-sized bed.

He thrust into her very slowly and Aria had to control herself, trying not to fuck back into him. She could tell right away that Adam wanted to be in control, and she was willing to give him that control.

For now.

Adam was thrusting faster now, and the room was filled with the sounds of their bodies meeting, and his hard cock sliding in and out of her wet slit. He reached around then, placing two fingers on her clit as he plowed into her.

“Are you gonna cum for me?” He grunted the words out, and he must have felt her pussy tightening around him because he continued thrusting into her.

Aria couldn’t concentrate long enough to answer him. Her mouth hung open as he fucked her and the only sounds she could make were low, breathy gasps.

“Cum for me baby.” He murmured the words so effortlessly that the very sound of his voice made Aria reach her climax.

She had never squirt before, but his thick dick inside, his fingers on her clit, and his low, rumbling voice twisted something inside her that she hadn’t known existed.

Her pussy juice squirt from her in short spurts but Adam didn’t stop fucking her even as her low moans became screams of pleasure. One of his hands gripped her thick hair and she knew his own climax was coming when he started thrusting into her mercilessly.

He pulled out of her, letting go of her hair, and Aria fell forward as she felt his hot cum spurt onto her ass and lower back.

She was on the bed gasping, when Adam slapped her ass several times, before collapsing on the bed next to her.

They both crawled to the head of the bed, lying on the pillows, gasping slightly as soft fans whirred somewhere in the room, drying their sweaty, sticky bodies.

“This is not what I expected.” Adam said after a while and Aria laughed delightedly. She turned on her side, looking at him.

He was certainly one of the most handsome men she had ever met and fucked, and she couldn’t help but wonder how long he was staying in the States.

She decided to take the plunge and asked the question.

“When are you going back to Scotland?”

She tried to keep her voice as casual as she could, smiling slightly when he looked over at her. He smiled right back, and Aria felt something in her stomach flutter.

She couldn’t remember the last time a man had made her nervous.

“Uh, depends on what my contract says. But to be quite honest, now that I’ve had a taste of America, I’m not quite sure that I want to go back.”

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