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The Window

As I stared out my window I couldn’t help but wonder, Why? Why did things turned out the way that they had?

I lived a great life, I had a loving husband and two perfect children. And before that I had parents who took great care of me, who showed me nothing but love and compassion. I was one of the lucky few who's life had started out good and would end that way. Still I was left to wonder, why? Why me and not someone else? Why was my life so great? I didn't do anything to earn or deserve it.
I had so many questions and not enough answers. I needed to know. I had tried asking everyone my whole life and I was only told to be grateful for what I had. I was grateful. I just wanted to know why, why things were the way that they were.
I had tried everything to find answers. I had looked until my eyes hurt, but I was still left empty handed. I knew I only had one option left, as selfish as it was I had to know. I had to know why the world was the way it was, why I was lucky enough to be happy, why we lived life. What was the point in it all?
I opened my window and jumped, not because I was sad, but because I needed to know. And I smiled as the ground came whooshing up to meet me.

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Michael Nichols Michael Nichols
I like it
March 31, 2023, 03:29