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Jonathan stared at the wedding ring in his hand with pain. 'Lucky me, I didn’t engrave our names on it.' His ex-wife divorced him to live adventures with other men. Jonathan felt like he lost his time in that relationship, after nine years of dedication to it. What Jonathan didn’t expect to find was a motive to overcome his ex-wife in his favorite bar.

Erótico Para maiores de 21 anos apenas (adultos).

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Jonathan stared at his wedding ring in his hand with pain. His ex-wife divorced him to live wild adventures with other men. ‘I got tired of you’, in his head, the scene replayed with a snickering tone after her statement. Like that, out of nowhere. Jonathan felt like he lost his time in that relationship, after nine years of dedication to it. ‘Lucky me, I didn’t engrave our names on this.’ He tried to think positive. He placed the ring belonging to his ex-wife in the small box and put it away. Sitting on the curb, his gaze fixed on the ground, Jonathan noticed tiny dark dots forming on it and soon felt icy raindrops on his back.

“Shit, shit, shit!” He rampaged. He raised his face to the drops that fell rudely from the sky. A few tears mixed with those and Jonathan allowed all the pain to seep through his body.

‘Okay, I must go on.’ His feet already knew the way to where he was going.

Not far away from there, there was a pub Jonathan used to frequent with Helen, his ex-wife. Was there a risk of going in and facing her flirting with another guy? Yes, but he wanted that. And, in a way, he needed that. ‘Maybe this way, I might believe it.’

The place brimmed with people. Sighting a lone girl, he approached the table and kindly asked:

“Mind if I sit here? I promise not to bother you.” He didn’t even want to anyways.

“Sure.” She didn’t raise her gaze to answer.

As he sat on the table, he could see the woman. The girl with a neutral gaze read the drinks’ menu with no interest. Her hand was covered in a white, laced glove, which covered a little beyond the elbow. Jonathan diverted his gaze and placed his chin on his hand, bereft.



“My name is Helena.” Jonathan rolled his eyes discreetly. Similar names… “You promised not to bother me… But I didn’t promise anything.” She looked him in the eyes and smirked.

Jonathan gave the woman beside him a second look. A blonde girl with blue eyes and round, naturally red cheeks. She reminded him of a pin up from the 50s. The red lipstick and winged liner. Her eyes were a bit swollen and the mascara slightly smudged.

“Jonathan.” He arranged his chair to sit right at the opposite side of her. It was a thematic Jazz and Blues night. While the band played slow songs which Jonathan didn’t know the name of, Helena ordered a shot of whiskey.

“The best you have.” The waiter noted down the order and faced Jonathan.

“Same as her.” He didn’t even hear what she asked. He was focused on an instrument he thought was the sax, but couldn’t be.

“So, Jonathan… What were you doing sitting on the curb?” She supported her head between her hands. With a jovial and interested pose.

“I don’t wanna talk about it.” He looked at the door. The feeling in Jonathan’s chest was that Helen was still there. Although the rain remained outside, when he went into the pub with those parting clothes, he brought with him her smell, penetrating his drenched body through every drop of water collected on the fabric. “I got tired of you.” It echoed through his mind. “I’m also tired of all of this”, He answered to himself.

The waiter delivered the drinks and Helena had her glass next to her mouth when she had an idea.

“Wanna bet who hits bottoms faster?” Jonathan’s competitive spirit woke up and he didn’t even wait for the counting to turn his glass up. He dropped the empty glass on the table and took hers.

“I bet you didn’t expect that.” And also drank her glass.

“So kind of you.” She snickered, laughing at the situation.

“I wanna leave here. Come with me? I’ll buy a bottle for us.” Jonathan got up from his chair a little dizzy and went to the balcony, not waiting for an answer.

Helena looked at her phone. It was 10 PM. There were 2 missed calls and some message notifications. Jonathan was coming back to the table with a bottle when she put away her phone. Before leaving, Helena went to the bar and asked for another dose of whiskey. She drank it and cleaned her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Now I can go.” She gave her hand to him and both of them left by the door. Going through the door, Jonathan bumped with a woman that arrived alone. Helena greeted her while Jonathan got in the first cab he saw.

“Where to?” The driver asked.

“Just a minute…” She took a white laced blindfold from her purse and made a motion for Jonathan to put it on. With his eyes covered she gave the driver a piece of paper with the address.

“Wanna play a game?” Helena whispered in Jonathan’s ear.

“I guess so…” He was insecure.

“Great. Tonight, you’ll be my little toy.” She squeezed his thigh and left her hand there for the rest of the way.

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