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Katja Rose comes to the King's Pack clubhouse looking for a dad she never knew and finds love in the process.

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Meeting for the first time

As I pull into King’s Scrapyard I take a deep breath. *This is it* I think to myself as I park my car. After I park, I take a couple minutes to collect my thoughts as well as to prepare myself for what’s about to happen. I get out of my car and stand there trying to tamp down my nerves. “Are you lost?” I hear a deep, gruff voice ask off to my left. When I turn to look I see a six foot three man that’s covered in tattoos looking at me skeptically. “Uh yeah I’m looking for Vladamir King. I think you guys call him Beast” I say as I look at him shyly and tuck some of my long red hair behind my ear. “We do. What do you need him for?” he asks as he crosses his arms and I see his eyes harden a little. “It’s a uh personal matter that I’d like to talk to him about before anyone else” I tell him as I look into his eyes and try to convey how important it is that I see who I’m here for. “Okay. Give me a second and I will get him” he says after another second of assessing me. “Thank you” I say quietly with a nervous smile as I wipe my clammy hands on my jean covered thighs. As he turns and walks towards what I assume is the clubhouse I tap my thigh with my thumb nervously. A few minutes later I hear a herd of people approach so I look up and see an older looking man with short gray hair and a beard in the front. As I look behind him I see the same handsome man and a few others. “Can I help you?” the older gray haired man asks as he eyes me suspiciously. “Uh yeah, are you Vladamir King?” I ask nervously as I shuffle from foot to foot under his intense gaze. “I am. Who are you?” he asks me suspiciously as he crosses his arms over his chest. “Uh my name is Katja Roose and uh I’m your daughter” I say as I nervously look him in the eye so he knows I’m not lying. “Who’s your mom?” he asks me still not believing me. “Alesandra Maria Petrova” I answer with a small smile as I remember my mom. “I never knew about you” he says as his eyes grow wide with recognition at the name and he scratches the back of his neck nervously. “I know you didn’t, but uh my mom talked about you all the time. She asked me to wait until she passed away to find you” I say as I reach into my purse, pull out a picture of them together, and hand it to him. “Can I keep this?” he asks with a small smile as he looks at the picture longingly. “Of course you can” I say with a smile of my own as I pull a manila envelope out of my purse and hand it to him as well. He puts the picture in his kutte, takes the envelope from me, opens it up, and as he reads what’s inside his eyes grow even wider. “How did you find me?” he asks me as he hands back the envelope. “My mom told me to start here to see if you would still be here. She remembered this is where she met you. She said there was a good chance you were still here” I say as I put the envelope back into my purse and gesture to the picture in his kutte. “Smart woman she was. I own the place” he says with a light chuckle. I chuckle as well as I try to keep the tears that are forming in my eyes away as I think about my mom. My dad walks closer slowly and puts his arms out in invitation. I rush into them and cling to him for dear life as the dam breaks and I start to cry. Once I’m calm and we break apart, he grebs my face and makes me look up at him. “Well I guess we have some lost time to make up for then printessa” he tells me with a smile as he wipes away my remaining tears. “I’m going to assume that means princess in Russian” I tell him with a small smile. He smiles back as well with a nod and turns us so we’re facing the guys behind him. “Well printessa these are my brothers Viper, Mac, our vice president, Angel, Wheeler, Rage, our road captain, and the prospect Kip” he tells me as he points to each of them. “Hi” I say with a wave as I give them a small smile. I blush dark red when I see Rage smile lightly at me. “How come we never knew about you?” Angel asks which earns him a slap in the back of the head from Mac. “Uh my mom got scared when she found out she was pregnant with me, so she ran, if you will. She always told me she regretted it, but she did what was best for me at the time. We only lived an hour away so we didn’t move that far. She talked about my father everyday but made me promise I’d wait until she passed away to find him. She also didn’t give me his name until the day before she passed” I say as I smile lightly at him. “Why did she tell you to come here now?” my dad asks. “She knew she was dying and I guess she felt guilty about taking me away so she told me the truth. She told me that at the time of her pregnancy that you were into some bad stuff” I tell him as I look him in the eye so he knows I’m being a hundred percent honest. “She was right I was deep into some dangerous shit then. How did she know it be safe for you to come here now?” he asks me. I look deep into his eyes and see the need for answers so I say, “She kept tabs on you to make sure you were okay. She may have left, but she still very much loved you. I could see it in her eyes every time she talked about you.” He gives me a light smile so I give him another hug. “Oh she wrote this for you as well. She made me promise to give it to you if I found you. She said it’ll explain everything” I him as we break our hug. I reach into my purse again, pull out a white envelope, and hand it to him. He smiles at me as he takes it from me and reads it. I turn back around to the guys as I hear, “How’d your mom pass away?” I look at Angel again because he’s the one who asked. “She had stomach cancer. She battled it for years so she knew she was dying so she made me promise to be by her side till she passed. She was so convinced that I’d leave her by herself to die alone so I could find my dad” I tell them with a sad smile. “Would you have left her?” Viper asks which earns him an elbow jab in the gut from Rage. “No, I wouldn’t have. She was my best friend so no I wouldn’t have left her when she needed me the most. No matter how badly I wanted to know my dad she was the only one I had for all my life. She sacrificed her happiness to keep me safe” I tell him with a smile. “Well welcome to the sem’ya then printessa” Mac says as he smiles at me. “Thank you” I say with a smile. “Let’s head inside and you can tell us about you” my dad says as he puts the envelope in his pocket, so I nod and follow behind them into the clubhouse. We walk up to a bar and a man with an eye patch is behind the bar. “Dorogoy this is Patches, he helps around the clubhouse. Patches this is my daughter Katja” my dad says as we take a seat at the bar. “People call me Kat” I say as I smile at him and hold my hand out for him to shake. “Well welcome Kat. Would you like a drink?” he asks as he smiles at me as well and shakes my hand. “A water would be nice please” I say as I return his smile and he nods as he turns to get me a water from the fridge. “Why don’t you drink?” I hear being asked from beside me, so I turn a little and see Rage is the one who asked. “I uh had a bad experience when drunk. You?” I ask as I notice his water bottle. “I’m five years sober darling” he tells me as he looks at me and I see concern swimming in his grey eyes. “Well congratulations. I know that’s a hard thing to overcome” I say as I look at him with a smile. “What’s your bad experience printessa?” he asks as he looks at me with a serious expression. “I’m going to have to learn Russian to be around here I see” I say as a way to avoid the question. I look back at him and see him looking at me with an intense gaze so I look down at my lap as I whisper lowly, “I uh got raped while I was out drinking with one of my friends.” “At least you survived that printessa. Most people don’t” he tells me as he cups my face gently. “Thank you Rage” I say with a small smile. He smiles at me as he wipes the rest of my tears away before anyone notices. I blush at his smile because it makes him look even more handsome. “So tell us about your life dorogoy” I hear my dad say as he walks up behind me again so I wipe my eyes quickly and break my eyes away from Rage. “Well I’m twenty-six years old, I was an administrative assistant for a construction company, and I lived with my mom until she passed away” I tell him as I face him. “So, where do you live now?” I hear Wheeler ask. “I got an apartment in town after I sold the house” I say as I look at him. “Why’d you sell the house?” Angel asks concerned. “It was the house my mom raised me in and I loved it but after she died it felt weird to be there without her so I sold it when she took her last breath” I say with a small smile as I look at him. “Well you’re more than welcome to come live with me if you’d like so you don’t have to pay rent. And I can give you a job helping out here in the office if you’d like” my dad says with a smile. “You don’t have to do that dad. I can find somewhere to work” I tell him because I’m a stubborn mule. “I see you’re as stubborn as your mother” he tells me with a wide smile. “So I’ve been told” I tell him with a smile of my own. “I want to do this for you printessa. And besides my office could use a little organization. It’s kind of a disaster in there” he tells me with a shrug and a smile.“I’d like that dad. Thank you” I say as I lean over and give him a hug. Once we break our hug I see a huge smile on his face like he’s a man that just won the lottery. “Here’s a key to the house and directions so when you want you can leave” dad says as he hands me a key and a piece of paper. I smile and nod as I put what he handed me into my purse with a wide smile on my face. About ten minutes later a party starts to kick off and people start walking in and out. I feel uncomfortable as the crowd grows, so I grab my purse, walk outside, and find a corner away from all the people. “Hey Kat. What are you doing over here alone?” I hear being asked from behind me, so I turn around and smile when I see it’s Rage. “Oh, I got overwhelmed and my anxiety started to go haywire while I was inside, so I came outside to find a quiet corner. What about you?” I ask as I gesture to the seat next to me for him to take. “You disappeared so I just wanted to make sure you were okay” he says as he sits beside me. “Thank you for that Rage” I say with a smile and a blush. He smiles wide at me as we sit in silence. “So Rage tell me about you” I ask to break the silence. “Well my real name is Nikolay Volkov. I’m thirty years old and I’ve been the road captain for the King’s Pack for about ten years now” he says as he looks at me with his intense stare. “And before the King’s Pack?” I ask as I smile at him. “I uh used to steal and chop cars with Angel as well as fight in the underground” he says as he looks me deep in the eyes. “Okay” I say as I look him back in the eyes and his smile grows wider as we settle into a comfortable silence for a while.

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