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There was a beautiful young girl named Deborah Johnson. She was an imbecile and handicapped girl because of this she was been mocked and bullied by her classmate at school. She faced a lot of challenges from the hand of her classmate and also from her father as he promises not to sponsor her education, leaving the responsibility on to her mother and also that of siblings She was downcast and sad when her mother died leaving her and her siblings behind while people began to hate her and even her best friend at school. What will be her fate in life? Will she be able to further her education?

Ficção adolescente Para maiores de 18 apenas.

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Consumer! Consumer!! "Come buy now. My Mummy shouted as I was coming back from school with my siblings. She was calling a woman who wanted to buy from her guinea corn that was positioned on the table not far from her stall, but the woman went away as she saw her friend.

Oops... I'm sorry. I didn't even introduce myself.

My name is Deborah Johnson, but most people called me Debbie, I'm from a family of five, myself, my dad, my mom, and my two younger siblings. I need to describe myself better so that you can understand what I'm about to tell you. Like, I said earlier, my name is Deborah Johnson I'm a handicapped person because I'm a stammerer, and have a speech Impediment.

I was such a gentle and shy girl that people usually take advantage of me. I'm a brilliant girl, but unfortunately, it does not make me the best student in school due to my condition. Life was so tough and unbearable for me as I was so much hated by classmates at school and even by my father as he didn't sponsor my education while his hatred for me was later passed on to my younger siblings.

He is a teacher who teaches in a government school distant from our house while my mother loves me so much, she Is a trader who sells all kinds of agricultural products such as guinea corn, Dry maize, and melon seeds. I usually feel dejected anytime I was being mocked and when I remember how people used to mock me. But I always held on to an adage that says " Tough time never lasts but tough people do."


"Good afternoon mummy." We greeted her as I and my younger one approached her.

"Welcome, my beloved children," she said with a beaming smile and quickly attend to a customer in front of her

I usually feel happy and relaxed whenever I am with my mummy because I forget the bullied and mocked I had by my classmate, but David who was the second child of my parent will keep disturbing me with so many questions.

He is so curious and intelligent boy who is good at asking questions. He also likes to complain a lot.

There is no difference between him and my younger sister, Stella, she also complains a lot.

I think, maybe because she was the last born of my parent.

Although, she is seven years old while I and David are seventeen and twelve years of age.

I know he was about to ask me a question when I heard him calling my name.

"Sister Debbie, will you assist me with my homework?" David asked as he dropped his school bag off his shoulder and drew out a notebook from it.

"But, why can't you do it by yourself," I asked, feeling irritated.

One of the things I like about him Is, whenever I stammered he did not use to mock me or mimic me unlike my classmate rather he would say Sister sorry.

"Sister, the assignment our teacher gave me, I don't know it." He pouted.

Okay, But that Is when will get...? l was saying when my mummy interrupted.

"how was school today." my mummy inquired as she sat beside me while David and Stella sat on a bench that was facing us.

But I heaved a sigh before I could respond to her question, but this time, I wasn't stammering as that make me remember what my mummy told me, that I didn't use to stammer when I was a little child, but It was all caused, my father as he usually shouts and threatens to beat me at slight provocation.

"It was fine." I said, but mummy, our teacher told every one of us that we should begin to pay our tuition fees from next week," I explained to her

she was the only one, I can explain this to and unlike my father who will tell me he didn't have any penny with him, and that I should go and Inform my mother about it.

However, I am not surprised at his action, because he has already told my mummy that he will not sponsor my education and that of my siblings, because of my predicament during some conversations, they were having jointly.

"Okay, don't worry. God will provide." she patted me on my shoulder.

"Mummy, I'm hungry." Stella voiced out childishly.

"Mummy, I'm also hungry," David added with a frowned countenance.

"The two of you should come here," Mummy beckoned, bringing out a little loaf of bread from her bag.

I also wanted to tell her that I'm hungry, but I kept mute.

"Manage it. We will soon go home." She told them, handing a portion of the bread to them as they approached her.

"Thank you, mummy." They chorused.

"You are welcome," she replied with a sly smile.

Just then, she called my name

"Debbie, please help me buy groundnut over there." She pointed at a Stall and handed me some money.

"Okay, mum," I stood up from my seat and quickly went to the trader near our stalls.

On getting back to the stalls, my mother began to pack her products inside the stall while I assisted her.

And with that, We went home after we were done packing.

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